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Best Washable Dog Beds


Dog beds come in a lot of shapes, sizes, and material. Some have a doughnut shape design that is perfect for dogs who love curling up when they sleep, and there are also the usual rectangular mattresses that does its job as a comfortable space for your dog to rest on.

But no matter what shape or construction a dog bed has, it does not change the fact that they should be regularly cleaned – they can house a lot of germs and bacteria, as well as collect dirt, drool, and/or fur on its surface that can be quite unsanitary, just like our own human beds! So you should set aside time to get them washed as often as needed.

Features to Look for in a Washable Dog Bed

Machine-Washable Material

Different fabric types require different methods of cleaning. There are always instructions included for maintenance when you purchase a dog bed. See if they have machine-washable materials to make cleaning easier for you.

Is it Dryer Safe?

Sine you are using a machine for washing dog beds, why not utilize the dryer as well, right? Not exactly okay. There are some materials, like faux fur and suede, that will need to be air dried. Again, check the dog bed’s cleaning instructions to make sure that they can be dried through a machine or not. This way, you can maintain its condition and use the dog bed for a longer time.

Filling Type

Foams are the best filling for orthopedic dog beds, but not the easiest to clean. Foam soaks up liquid and will collect bacteria and germs if not cleaned once in a while. Polyester and Fiber are the most common and easiest dog bed filling to wash. They are synthetic, making them more durable than foam and can be washing machine-friendly.

Other filling substitutes like cedar chips, old clothes, and feather are great for DIY dog beds. Although not advisable to be washed, whether by hand or a machine, they are easily replaceable.

Non-Slip Base

Dog beds are usually set on the floor. So a non-slip base is important if you have slippery floors, like marble or hardwood. Rubber base is a good material for a dog bed and is also easily cleaned.

Durable Cover

If you have a particularly messy dog or live in a location where the climate changes a lot, then a durable dog bed is a must. They should be able to withstand a dog’s playfulness, like burrowing their noses in the corners, rolling around, or even slight digging. They should also be made from flexible materials that can withstand extreme heat or cold, so it can survive the whole year round.

Inner Lining

Nylon or waterproof inner liningsare also a nice feature to look out for when picking out a dog bed. Removable covers with these types of linings are easier to clean and are usually machine-washable.

There are also waterproof dog beds in the market which are made from a different material and would not need as constant and thorough cleaning like fabric dog beds. They are mostly used for large dog breeds and are not really made for washing machines. Wiping them up with cloths and soap are enough to keep them clean for your big pup.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are all dog beds washable? 

Most dog beds should be fairly easy to clean. But since there are a variety of materials that can be used as a dog bed, they’re cleaning method will also be different. So it is important to educate yourself about cleaning your dog’s bed. Some dog beds are machine friendly. There are also fabric materials that just can’t last long when frequently washed through a machine. So it’s better to have them hand washed instead for a gentler cleaning. This method is best for dog beds that have tough stains to remove allowing you to focus on the specific part that needs cleaning. Moreover, some dog beds don’t have removable covers. Not to mention that some fillings may be damaged if put through a washing machine. And some extra-large dog beds may not fit inside your machine, so you have to hand wash them instead.

What dog bed materials are easiest to wash?

Synthetic fabrics like polyester and fiber are easy to clean. They don’t need special treatment and are completely machine-washable.

How often should I clean a dog bed?

You can have a regular cleaning schedule (once a week is the most preferable) so you can set aside time for washing your dog’s bed. But in situations where they got dirty due to unforeseen circumstances, then they should be cleaned out immediately for sanitary reasons.

A few more reminders when cleaning a dog bed

Follow cleaning instructions

It’s always best to follow the instructions that the product provides when taking care of your dog bed. If you don’t have a clear idea how to wash it, then this is the best resource that you can refer to.


When you think that the dog bed isn’t that dirty to wash, but are collecting dust or fur on the surface, then lightly vacuuming them will be enough to keep them clean until they need to be washed.

Temperature for killing germs and bacteria

Although it might decrease the quality of the dog bed, keeping them free of bacteria and parasites, you can wash them in hot water and/or bleach for a completely clean and fresh dog bed that can be used again.

Getting rid of unpleasant smells

If an initial wash does not get rid of the odor from the bed – especially smells from urine, vomit, or blood – then homemade solutions like replacing detergent with vinegar when you wash, then rinse with detergent and bleach to remove any unwanted odors from the dog bed. Or you can get a separate washable pee pad for dogs, if they are still not potty-trained.

Best Washable Dog Beds in the Market

Easy to Wash Standard Pet Mattress – MidWest Home for Pets Plush Dog Bed

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This standard bed from MidWest Home for Pets is a plush mattress with polyester-fiber cover in mesmerizing swirl designs. It is ultra-soft and have a luxurious feel that your dog can sink into for a comfortable rest. It even has a non-skid rubber bottom that won’t slip and slide on any type of flooring your home has.

Since it is made form synthetic polyester, the MidWest Plush Ombre dog bed is fully machine washable. You can throw this soft mattress in the washing machine and put it on gentle cycle for a thorough cleaning. To retain its shape, it should be laid flat on the floor to dry and can be re-shaped if necessary. It is also dryer-safe, so you can wash it, dry, and reuse in no time!

Key Features:

  • Soft and luxurious polyester-fiber materials
  • Standard pet mattress that can fit inside dog crates
  • With chic and elegant swirl designs
  • Non-skid bottom for all types of flooring
  • Machine-washable and dryer-safe
  • Available in a lot of sizes for different dog breeds


  • Not for excessive chewers and pets that aren’t potty trained
  • May not retain its shape if not properly cared for

Easy to Clean and Stylish Dog Bed – FurHaven Orthopedic Ultra Sofa

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For dogs with bone and joint problems, this stylish orthopedic bed from FurHaven is the perfect choice. Not only does it look modern with its sofa-style construction, it also comes with fully machine-washable materials. It has zippers so you can easily remove and put back the covers over the foam.

The cover of the FurHaven Ultra-Sofa is made from a few different materials. Faux fur covers the cushion, while suede covers the bolsters. Its egg-carton designed foam is also a great ergonomic feature that conforms to the shape of your dog’s body. Plus, it can be a great bed for senior dogs and pets who love to snuggle.

Key Features:

  • Faux fur and suede fabric that are easy to wash
  • Zippers are used to make it easy to remove its covers
  • Soft and velvety surface for dogs who love to snuggle
  • Raised bolsters for head rest and keep spine aligned
  • Orthopedic egg-crate foam design for senior dogs and pets with ailments
  • Stylish design that is suitable for any living room
  • Available in a variety of sizes and designs


  • Delicate faux fur and fiber cover is not suitable for dogs with separation anxiety
  • Cover is not water-proof and liquid will soak through the foam, frequent washing will be needed to maintain its condition

Comfortable and Easy to Wash Dog Bed – Best Friends by Sheri Donut Cuddler

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The Best Friends by Sheri Donut Cuddler may just be the most luxurious dog bed that is not a hassle to own. Its shaggy, faux-shag fur cover retains body warmth for the ultimate snuggle buddy. Your dog will sink into the cushion of this dog bed and will have a hard time coming out with how comfortable it can be.

Not only is the Best Friends Donut Cuddler stylish, luxurious, and super comfy, it’s also very easy to clean. Every part of the Best Friends Donut Cuddler is machine-washable under gentle cycle and tumble dry on low heat. Dogs will definitely enjoy sleeping and resting on this shaggy dog bed for hours on end.

Key Features:

  • Shaggy faux-fur exterior for ultimate comfort
  • Sunken middle with raised rim as head or feet rest
  • Ultra-soft cushion with machine-washable materials
  • Stylish design fit for any living room
  • Doughnut design for dogs who love to curl up while sleeping


  • Shag-fur may matt if not dried correctly
  • Not for puppies and dogs with chewing tendencies

Easy to Clean, All-Year-Round Dog Bed – HappyCare Textiles Reversible Dog Bed

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If you want a dog bed that can be used throughout the year for various climates, then the HappyCare Textiles dog bed is a great choice. It has a reversible cover that can be used for all seasons. The faux-suede side is cool for the summer, while the knitted corduroy side is the perfect fabric to keep your pet warm in the winter.

Cleaning this dog bed is also a breeze, because you can just throw the whole cover into the washing machine. Your dog can snuggle into the corners of this dog bed, since it has raised rims, and enough space for them to curl into.

Key Features:

  • Dog bed appropriate for all seasons
  • Easy to clean and machine-washable materials
  • Made from cool suede fabric on one side and knitted corduroy on the other
  • Also perfect from snuggling and has enough space for your dog to curl up in
  • Your dog’s noses can also be comfortably burrowed into this bed’s corners
  • Available in a variety of designs to suit your home


  • Only available for small to medium-small dogs
  • Not for pets with chewing tendencies

Easy to Clean Orthopedic Dog Bed – BarksBar Orthopedic Dog Bed

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BarksBar is an ergonomic and orthopedic dog bed that prioritizes your dog’s condition first and foremost. It is available in medium to large size that can even carry the weight of 100lb dogs. Just perfect for senior dogs or pets with orthopedic issues. The cover is made from ultra-soft polyester for additional comfort. It even has a non-slip bottom to prevent sliding on any type of flooring.

Cleanup is easy, with a removable and machine-washable cover. It should be put on a gentle cycle and air dry. Vacuuming also works well with the BarksBar Orthopedic Dog Bed for quick cleanups.

Key Features:

  • Ergonomic and orthopedic design for senior and injured dogs
  • Can carry dogs up to 100lbs in weight
  • Has raised sides for head and feet rest
  • Ultra-soft polyester fabric with easy to wash features
  • Fully machine washable dog bed
  • Can also be vacuumed for quick cleanups
  • Non-slip rubber bottom for safety


  • Not for dogs who love to chew or dig
  • Removing bolsters for a wash might be difficult for first-timers

Easy to Wash Dog Bed that Retains its Shape – Brindle Shredded Memory Foam Dog Bed

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Using shredded memory foam as its cushion, the Brindle Dog Bed gives more room for the foam to follow the shape of your dog and bounce back to its original form when not in use. Its cover can be removed through a zipped closure along its side. You can throw the cover in the washing machine and put on a gentle cycle from cold to hot, then tumble dry on low. The pad with the foam is not washable though, so leave this when you are cleaning.

The 3 inches of foam that this comfortable dog bed has makes it suitable for small to large dog breeds and is also available in a lot of sizes to suit their build.

Key Features:

  • 3 inches of memory foam for orthopedic benefits
  • Soft, micro-suede cover that is completely machine washable
  • Removable and washable cover
  • Size is also great for dog crates
  • Available in many sizes and designs


  • Not for enthusiastic dogs who dig and chew
  • Not suitable for dogs who are not potty-trained
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