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Best Shock Collars for Small Dogs


Small dogs may look so adorable and easy to cuddle with, but more often than not, you will be keeping your hands to yourself in fear of it being bitten off when you attempt to pat a small dog on the head.

While there is no solid scientific evidence that small dog breeds are more aggressive than bigger breeds, it is still a fact that most of them do have psychological issues that can be pretty frustrating to owners.

We love our pet dogs dearly, but when no amount of positive training makes them obey, we have no choice but to pick a more drastic option, like shock collars.

And for those who have chosen to train their hyperactive dogs with shock collars, here’s our guide to choosing the best shock collar for your small dog:

Features to look out for when choosing shock collars

Intensity and their Controls

Due to the bad reputation of shock collars a few years ago, there have been significant developments and improvements added to the modern shock collar. When before they only offer a automatic electric shocks to the dog, nowadays, the best shock collars are automatically equipped with numerous shock and reminder options. There is still an automatic electric shock feature to these collars but,they are more utilized for training dog bark control.

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Beeps, vibrations, shock intensity, and even LED light notifications are available in any type of shock collars, whether it be cheap or expensive. Dog owners nowadays, are more aware of their dog’s comfort now and don’t want any unnecessary pain any training equipment will give them. That’s why warning sounds and vibrations are added as an electric shock collar feature.

Wireless Feature

Because automatic shocks are now just an additional option to shock collars, what came of it is a variety of choices when it comes to selecting how you want shock collars to be controlled. A remote receiver is the most common type of control mechanism for shock collars, but there are other types of wireless choices for shock collars.

There are also products called wireless fences that will give your dog’s shock collar a ping or tiny shock when they go beyond the boundaries that you have previously set around your home or yard. These invisible dog fences provide equipment that will serve as points – which are connected to each other – so you can cover the area where a dog can only move around in without being shocked. These are useful if you’d like to train your dog from going beyond your backyard or fence and prevent them from getting out of a certain property.

Recently, there are brands that released smartphone-controlled dog shock collars, but it’s still a new innovation that is not as popular as a dog collar with its own remote receiver.

Distance of Effectivity

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There are a lot of options on how far you can control your dog’s shock training collar. And while you may think small dogs and their small legs will not get them anywhere far, think again, because even with their short legs, small dog breeds can be pretty fast. Shock collars are not just about training aggression out of small dogs, but also to train them to stay in one position according to your instructions. The distance where you can control their shock collars will be beneficial if you’d like to tone down their instinct to run around when they’re excited.

Cheap shock collars can be controlled up to 300 yards which is a pretty nice distance and enough to cover an average-sized home. Or if you prefer to train them in an open space, a cheap dog shock collar can cover the range of your usual dog park size.

Expensive collars, on the other hand, can have a range of up to 800 yards easily. These are suitable for professional trainers, who handle especially difficult dogs, or dogs with specialty training.

Adjustable Size

Since small dogs have equally small neck sizes, the best dog shock collar for them would be a customized size, or just a brand that can be adjusted to fit small toy dogs. There are dog shock collar brands that offer products exclusively for smaller dogs, but adjustable shock collars are the more common type in the market.

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Also remember to get a shock collar that has a smaller shock gear and collar, so it sits comfortably under your dog’s head and around the neck. This also prevents it from slipping off and for security.

Other features

Modern technology has offered a lot to improving pet care in the last few years, and shock collars did not miss these developments.

Rechargeable and reusable batteries for an e-collar is basically a main feature the best shock collar in the market have. There are also various innovative methods to recharge your shock collar batteries. Some offer removable and rechargeable batteries, while some have built-in batteries so you would only need USB cables and the like for charging.

Water-resistant and waterproof features are now available for expensive and even cheaper shock collar for dogs. They are beneficial for active dogs who love swimming or if you have homes near bodies of water. There are also durable shock collars with weather-proof properties that can withstand mud and dust, which are great for training rowdy dogs.

Reminders when using shock collars

Although shock collars may seem like a fast way to train your small dogs, there are dogs who have a stubborn streak in their personality. That’s why it’s crucial to keep in control of your impulses when using shock collar for small dogs.

Here are few reminders – especially for amateurs and first-time trainers – to using shock collars for small dogs:

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  • Cheap dog collars with beep, vibrate, and shock options are great both for professional and amateur trainers. They offer non-painful reminders to your dogs and some won’t even have to use the shock option if the training is done right. These dog collars just offer an easy and safe way to give a warning to your dog. But you can always splurge on a more expensive dog shock collar if they offer other features like, waterproof properties, weather-resistance, durability, and even Wi-Fi control.
  • Dog barking, aggressive behaviors, and obedience training may seem easy to do with the help of a shock collar, it doesn’t really work on all types of small dogs. First, see if they won’t have a violent reaction to your electric shock collar before continuing with this method of training. Using this type of training may only worsen their behavior, so check with a professional first or try out the shock collar before fully using them.
  • No matter what training method you want to use on your small dogs, it’s important to always be patient towards your dog. Even with shock collars to help you, it doesn’t guarantee that your dog will quickly learn the behaviors that you want them to have. It might take some time – or no time at all – but still put your dog’s comfort first when training them.

So there’s our ultimate guide to choosing the perfect dog shock collar for small dogs. Check out our recommendations and reviews on the Best Shock Collar for Small Dogs to see if they fit the product that you want:

Top 5 Best Shock Collars for Small Dogs

Best Shock Collar for the Money – Petrainer Shock Dog Collar

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The Petrainer Shock Dog Collar is one of the cheapest and most effective electric collars in the market. With all its additional features, on top of their main shock properties. It has a 300yard reach, three modes for training, and has a good, adjustable collar for small dogs.

It even has water-resistant features that are perfect for outdoor training. The Petrainer Shock Dog Collar is a great beginner training tool for amateurs and home-trainers.

Key Features:

  • Various training modes to suit your dog’s behavior
  • Water-resistant and has low-light LED feature
  • Adjustable collar size – for 15lbs or lager
  • Can fit 15-22 inches of neck diameter
  • Cheap and easy to use

Best Waterproof Shock Collar – Dog Care Shock Dog Collar

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Dog Care Shock Dog Collar is a completely and 100% waterproof shock dog collar that is also worth your money. Although, the remote needs to be purchased separately, its durability and waterproof qualities can be worth your money if your dog needs training when near bodies of water.

This particular shock collar is also great for medium dogs and even for large dogs. It has an adjustable collar that can fit any dog size. It also has a micro-USB enabled rechargeable batteries for an efficient shock collar that you can charge anywhere.

Key Features:

  • 100% waterproof shock collar for pool and water training
  • Micro USB charging cable
  • Can fit small to large dogs
  • Sensors for that turns out when it detects movement

Best Shock Collar for Outdoor Training – SportDOG Shock Dog Collar

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For a fruitful outdoor training with your small dog, the SportDOG Brand 245 is the perfect choice for both beginner and professional trainers. It has an easy to manipulate dial to adjust the intensity of its shock, beep, and vibrate features. It is also durable enough to withstand mud, water, heat, cold, and even extreme wind for a comfortable outdoor training session.

The SportDOG Brand 245 can fit small dogs from 8lbs and even larger dogs. This shock collar is also perfect for training hunting dogs with a wide, 500-yard reach.

Key Features:

  • Easy-to-use dial for manipulating the intensity of vibration or shock
  • 500-yard range for long-distance training
  • Durable and weatherproof
  • Waterproof and submersible up to 25 feet
  • Can fit 5 to 22” neck diameters

Best Shock Collar for Leash Substitute – Dogtra iQ Plus Remote Trainer

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The Dogtra iQ Plus Remote Trainer is a gentle shock dog collar that can emit low to medium shock to your small dog and even pups. It also has an adjustable collar that can fit small dogs or even a pup comfortably. It also has a 400-yard range perfect for outdoor training. It’s gentle ping, vibrate, and shock feature is a great substitute for physical leashes. This is a great e-collar for keeping dogs close to your side when you are outdoors, not necessarily to correct, but just a gentle reminder to your dog to keep them in line.

This collar is also perfect for outdoor hikes, if your dog isn’t trained to stay close while on hikes or walks.

Key Features:

  • Low to medium shock and vibration
  • Gentle to dogs and great as invisible leash
  • Small receiver for ultimate comfort
  • Can be expanded to control 2 dogs
  • Can also be used on an especially stubborn pup

Best Shock Collar for Multi-Dog Training – Garmin Delta XC Shock Collar

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If you’re a professional trainer handling 2 or more dogs, then the Garmin Delta XC Shock Collar is the best collar to use. It can control 3 collars at once and can fit many dog sizes. It also features a thin collar to offer comfort to your dog, no matter the size. This collar also has 18 levels of vibration and shock – with an option for extra strong shock – that can be set to work for momentary or continuous stimulation.

For the best multi-dog training shock collar, this is the greatest choice with its rugged and durable construction for all types of environment. It also has long-lasting and rechargeable batteries so you can use them longer even outdoors, where there are no charging stations.

Key Features:

  • 18 levels of intensity for vibration and shock
  • Can control up to 3 collars
  • Great outdoor shock collar
  • Durable and easy to use
  • Rechargeable and long-lasting batteries
  • Can fit small to large dogs

Best Shock Collar for Professional Trainers – PetTech Premium Shock Collar

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The PetTech PT0Z1 Premium Shock Collar is perfect for expert trainers. It has easy to use controls and a large LED display that you can view even in the dark. Bark, behavior, leash, and other types of training can be done with the PetTech Premium Collar. Static stimulation, vibration, even beep warnings that you can control for you’re a dog’s comfort. The company even offers one-on-one email support when you decide to train your dog yourself!

The collar itself is comfortable and durable, making it a secure shock collar for even small dog breeds. The receiver has an automatic power-on feature to conserve battery life when your dog is at rest. With all these added features and excellent construction, the PetTech PT0Z1 Premium Shock Collar remains as one of the best rated dog shock collars in the market.

Key Features:

  • Waterproof dog collar with durable receiver
  • Customizable and wide range of modes
  • LED screen can be seen clearly in low light
  • Size is adjustable to suit small to large dog sizes
  • 1000-foot range for outdoor training
  • 1-100 intensity with extra strong modes

Some may say that shock collars are bad and inhumane for dogs, with a few even going so far as saying they can cause brain damage. So we are left to wonder, “How do shock collars really work?”, and will it be okay to consider buying a shock collar if no other methods of training work on you dog?

The answer depends on the owner if they want to train their dog with shock collars or not. There are a wide range of static shock collars that provide a safe and easy to manipulate controls. They are developed to be a harmless training equipment for dogs with aggressive behavior, or just dogs with a very stubborn streak.

Consult a professional and get opinions when you’re ready to train your small dog with an electric shock collar, so you can choose the best shock collar that will work for you and your dog!

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