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Best Pet Grooming Gloves


Professional pet grooming gloves are not just typical gloves. It is a combination of both, de-shedding treatment and massage therapy. The professional grooming gloves are the preferred alternative option for grooming as it makes the process easier. This is because these gentle gloves are soothing and pleasant that will make your furry best friend stay put during the grooming process.

These professional grooming gloves are designed for two purposes. Initially, it serves as a comb or brush to keep your furry pet well-groomed and maintain their hygiene. Aside from that, it also provides a protective layer for your hands to prevent from being scratched or bitten by your pets while grooming. These are the reasons why the best professional pet grooming glove should be considered when investing in grooming tools.

When you are choosing a pet grooming glove, there are several important things that should be taken into consideration. This buyer guide will assist you to choose a suitable grooming glove for you and your pets.

We have also rounded up our 5 top best professional grooming gloves with their unique key features.

Things to consider in choosing pet gloves

It is important to choose the right grooming glove for you and your furry best friend because it shows how well you know your pets. You may need to consider which grooming glove features are best the best for you and your pets.

  • Type of gloves

Grooming gloves mostly come with two main styles, either the five-finger glove style or mitten-style. Five-finger glove style has five individual finger design. This type of glove makes the grooming process easier because it can easily fit tight spaces on your pet’s body. It also promotes bond between you and your dog as you can comb your furry friend from the fur root and massage their skin.

Meanwhile, mitten-style is designed like a child’s mitten. Some mitten style gloves are designed to be worn on both hands which allow you to switch the gloves to the other hand during the grooming process.

  • Bristle length

The bristle are the small textural pieces that you can see on the surfaces of the glove. It is used to massage your pets, pick up loose fur and remove the matt fur simultaneously. The bristle comes with a variety of length. You may need to choose the suitable bristle length that best fits your pet which depends on its fur length

As a rule of thumb, longer bristles work best on thick and long-haired pets, shorter bristles are more suitable for the short and medium hair length pets. Long bristles can go through the thick coat and reach your pet’s skin, but it may be unsuitable for the short-haired dog and cat because it has a higher risk of injuring your pets.

  • Gloves material

Different glove materials will give you different user experience. You should consider eco-friendly, hypoallergenic and soft material for your gloves to prevent your pets from getting hurt. Grooming gloves can be made of various types of materials including rubber, nylon, fabric, and microfiber. 

Rubber and silicone are the preferred material for all groomers due to their comfort and flexibility. Soft rubber or silicone glove allows you to massage gently and remove the fur without pain during the grooming process. Rubber gloves or silicone gloves are safe to use when bathing your pet while preventing your hands from getting wet. 

  • Accessories and bonus features

Most of pet grooming glove can be bought in two styles, single hand glove and a pair of gloves. Single hand glove is highly recommended for beginners and home groomers who have least grooming activity. A pair of grooming gloves provide more efficient grooming process and it is more suitable for commercial use.

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You can buy pet grooming glove set which includes other complementary bonus accessories and items, such as trimmers, combs and lint brush. This may be a bonus mark for the buyer as they can save some money from buying other accessories separately.

  • Size of the gloves

A good de-shedding glove should fit perfectly to your hand. This is because a loose-fitting glove is likely to come off and it will give you a frustrating grooming job. Most grooming gloves do come with an adjustable wrist strap to guarantee the gloves stay locked down with your hand locked in.

The de-shedding gloves comes in one-size-fits-all variety and other specific sizes. You may need to pay attention to the measurements of the gloves although it is written in free-size or one size. Please bear in mind that one size seldom fits all and the dimension of the glove may be different for the different brands. You should always check the overall size of the gloves before purchasing one.

  • Ease of use

The quality of a pet grooming glove will naturally cause the grooming process run smoothly, effectively and gently. The small bristles design is intentionally used to remove and trap the loose fur easily to avoid the fur from flying all over the place. The fur could be easily collected from the grooming glove due to the small bristles which are helped in trapping the fur before it goes all over the place. The more hair trapped within the small bristles, the easier you could remove and peel off the hair from the gloves.

Pet grooming glove reviews

In the market, there are varieties of pet grooming gloves for all of us. After surveying dozens of pet grooming gloves, we have listed 5 top best professional grooming gloves with their key features for you to consider when choosing a new de-shedding and grooming glove.

The top picks for professional dog glove

HandsOn Grooming Glove

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HandsOn is one of the most trusted brands in the grooming glove industry. It is a global brand for dog shedding gloves, cat brush glove and even horse hair grooming glove. These gloves have a five-finger design where it can perfectly imitate the true touch of your hand to let your furry-baby think that she or he is being pet instead of grooming. HandsOn company offers 5 sizes, from junior to extra-large.

HandsOn glove is made of latex-free material and hypoallergenic material which is suitable for pets with sensitive skin.The most fascinating key feature is it can help to distribute the natural oils from the skin throughout the hair coat with massaging to make a beautiful and natural shiny coat.

It can be used on both wet and dry condition. Therefore, you can use it during bathing time, to brush and massage your dog and cat simultaneously. You only need to hand-wash and air-dry these gloves for maintenance.

Key features: 

  1. Five-finger glove style
  2. Available in 5 sizes 
  3. Made of latex-free and hypoallergenic materials
  4. Suited for both wet and dry condition

The best mitt style grooming gloves

Pat Your Pet 2 in 1 Pet Glove

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Pat Your Pet has offers a mitt style grooming glove and it has received favourable feedback from most of the groomers. It is designed to use for two functions. Initially, it serves as a pet hair remover glove during the grooming process. It could also be used as a pet hair remover for furniture. This glove is made of eco-friendly recyclable fabric and rubber. The fabric is utilized to create a fuzzy fastener side for collecting fur from furniture; however, rubber is used as a waterproofing material.

Pat Your Pet glove is great for daily use because it has short bristles that provide extra gentle care for daily grooming. The short bristle design also lowers down the risk of your furry best friend getting hurt. This glove comes only in one size, universal fit. It is created slightly bigger which means you may struggle to fit your hands. So be sure that you check the dimension of the gloves before you purchasing. The greatest part is Pat your pet company has decided to provide 100% Money Back Guarantee for every order. If you are unsatisfied with their products, they will arrange a full refund for your order. 

Key features: 

  1. 2-in-1 grooming gloves – grooming and furniture pet hair remover glove
  2. Made of eco-friendly recyclable material
  3. Uses for daily grooming
  4. Universal fit design
  5. 100% money back guarantee

Fur flying free all over? The best de-shedding gloves 

HippiePet Combi Glove

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The HippiePet Combi glove enhanced its five-finger glove design for ease of grooming process. This glove is designed with double-sided use, pet hair remover and fur brush glove. One side is fully covered with bristles and small textural pieces, the reverse side functions like lint roller to swipe out all fur away. It is a 2-in-1 Combi glove, which saves a lot of money. 

The best part of this glove is its unique spiral system. This system is invented to better trap the loose fur and massage the skin gently. It comes along with 2 parts, gentle fingers part and rough palm part. The gentle finger part is covered with small and short bristles, whereas the rough palm part is designed with long bristles. The length of long bristles is about 7mm long which is sufficient to comb your furry friend.

HippiePet Comb glove only offers one size, adult hand size. The velcro strap is designed to ensure the gloves stay locked down with your hand locked in. Kindly check the dimension of the gloves to ensure it fits you well.

Key features:

  1. Five-finger glove style
  2. Double-sided use, pet fur remover and fur brush glove
  3. Unique spiral pattern to better trap loose fur
  4. Gentle and rough surface design for fingers and palm
  5. 7mm long bristle in a spiral pattern for combing purposes
  6. Adjustable Velcro strap for a snug fit

Machine Washable grooming gloves 

Delomo Massage Glove

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Delomo massage glove is one of the best dogs and cats bath brush gloves. It has a five-finger glove design that is covered with small bristles. It has a total of 255 silicone grooming tips for a soft and relaxing massage. These silicone bristles are in uniform size where it is perfectly used for brushing and grooming. 

Delomo glove is made from waterproof materials, where you can use them in both wet and dry conditions. The most important feature of this glove is being machine washable. This feature has made the cleaning and maintenance of your gloves easier and more convenient, which is suitable for commercial use. However, the disadvantage of this glove is that its stitches are directly exposed on the surface making it vulnerable to seam damages.

Key features: 

  1. 255 silicone grooming tips for massage
  2. Soft silicone tip in equal size
  3. Also suitable for bathing session as it is waterproof
  4. Machine washable glove

The cutest grooming gloves  

Exgreem 360 Cat & Dog Brush Glove

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The Exgreem 360 glove has the world’s cutest design, a cute paw print. It is a mitt style glove, completely made of silicone. The silicone material is impermeable material where it will not let your hand gets wet during bathing time. It is easy to clean with a quick rinse due to the silicone material.

The palm side is covered with many small rounded bristles and small organic textural pieces for massage therapy. All materials used are eco-friendly and free from any material that will cause skin sensitivity. This glove takes cuteness to another level with their colourful colour. The glove has 5 colourful designs such as black-pink, black-green, blue-grey, pink-grey and white-orange. Exgreem 360 glove is only offered in one size and equipped with an adjustable wrist strap for a comfort fit. 

Key features: 

  1. Cute paw print design
  2. Made of silicone, a waterproofing material
  3. Small rounded bristles and small textural pieces with organic shape for massage
  4. 5 colourful design

Frequently asked question about pet grooming gloves

Here are some of the most common pet grooming glove questions, along with clear answers. Hope that this will clear your doubts.

Why use a grooming glove?

A grooming glove is a tool that helps to clean up the loosened hair and groom your pets easier and more efficient. With a pet de-shedding glove, you will be able to clean up the loose fur without picking up by your hands. In addition, it can improve the bonding experience with your pets rather than creating a traumatic situation. This is because using the grooming glove is similar to the feeling of petting your furry friends where they will enjoy much during the session.

How to use the gloves properly?

At first, you need to wear the glove properly on hands and secure it with the wrist strap. You can let them smell the gloves first before you start using the grooming glove to comfort and relax their feeling. Next, comb and brush gently in the same direction of the hair growth. Do not press too hard when using the gloves, because the small bristles may hurt their skin eventhough it is soft.

How to clean the pets grooming gloves?

You need to pick out the loose fur trapped between the bristles. The fur must be pulled out slowly to ensure all fur is removed from the gloves. After the fur is removed, you can choose to wash with the washing machine or hand wash. Please read the instruction before you throw the gloves into the washing machine, as there are certain gloves not suitable for the washing machine. Most of the gloves are designed with chemical-resistance, where you can soak with soap and water to clean it. The gloves are not allowed to dry with the dryer as the hot air will melt the rubber material on the glove. Air-dry is the best.

Are the pets grooming glove better than comb?

Both grooming gloves and combs are designed to groom a pet with their pros and cons. The most important consideration is your pets’ preference. If your pets enjoy the combing process with the comb, then you can go for both options. However, if they run and hide away whenever the comb appears, then the grooming glove is a good replacement for a comb. Most grooming gloves are multifunctional like, combing, brushing, massaging, and shedding the fur.  

Wrap Up Session

There are many pet grooming gloves available in the market for you to choose from. Sometimes, it is quite frustrating to select the suitable one among these products. Fortunately, we have done a series of research to present everything in the simplest form for your reference in selecting the best pet grooming glove. 

Apart from the grooming glove, there are other grooming tools such as clipper, combs, shampoo and wipes which are also important in grooming your pets. An appropriate and right tool is important to make pet grooming process quick and easy. 

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