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Best Orthopedic Dog Beds


For an ergonomic dog bed that can sufficiently support your senior or injured dog’s body, you definitely should try out orthopedic dog beds with memory foam!

This type of bed for your precious pup can be a great relief to and support to your dog’s body who has gone through a lot, whether that be old age, injury, or just a comfy bed to come home to after a very exciting day. And because it uses memory foam as opposed to a standard foam mattress, it makes it a more comfortable dog bed for dogs with battered bodies.

When do you use an orthopedic dog bed?

Arthritic Dogs

Much like humans, arthritis is also a common condition that dogs will contract once they grow older. This condition affects their joints and will become painful as your dog ages. Medication, high-quality diet, and a super comfortable orthopedic dog bed can lessen the stress on their arthritic body to help ease their pain and provide them with a more comfortable life.

Dogs with Hip Dysplasia

Hip dysplasia is a genetic condition in dogs that is passed down through generations. They often start easy and can worsen through injury or stress. This condition is more common for large dog breeds and can even be the cause of early arthritis on their hips. An orthopedic dog bed can help provide a soft cushion to keep dogs with hip dysplasia comfortable while laying down or resting.

Healthy Senior Dogs

No matter how healthy a senior dog can be, they are not immune to the difficulties old age can give their bodies. An orthopedic dog bed can be a stress-free space where they can rest their worn and weathered bodies after a long day.

Dogs with an active lifestyle

Active dogs – especially those who spend their days doing police work, hunting, herding, as well as service dogs – have quite the stressed-out body. They are pushing their bodies to the limit day in and day out, just to get their work done. Going home and resting on an orthopedic bed is a great and comfy place where they can wind down and rest their tired bodies without further stressing it out.

Introducing your dog to their new bed

Some dogs may take easily to their new beds, but others not so much, especially if it still smells like a foreign object that does not belong in their territory. Here are a few tips to convincing your dog to use and eventually love their new dog bed:

  • Let them know it on their own: Let them sniff on the dog bed to get them acquainted to the new object in their safe space. This way, it will also dispel any thought of danger or threat and they’ll know that it isn’t something that will jump at them suddenly without warning.
  • Make it smell like you: Rubbing your hands all over it or try to cover it with your used clothes so they can smell you on the bed. This will make the bed feel and smell like comfort and happiness.
  • Set the bed on a familiar and well-loved place: If your dog likes a particular spot to rest on, you can put the bed on this spot and associate it with a comfy place where they can rest with ease.
  • Give them plenty of encouragement: Praise them during the whole ordeal. As long as they’re not doing anything damaging to the bed, you can give them an enthusiastic “good job!” with lots of pats and scratches. Setting their toys on it can also be a great way to get them to warm up on the bed.

Keeping your dog from destroying their new bed

Chewing is a natural habit that all dogs have. They do it for eating, easing teething pain, when they’re bored, or even while playing. Their dog beds are not immune to this treatment and you should train them as soon as possible to not treat their beds as a chew toy. Here are a few tips to get started:

  • Get rid of triggers that will make them chew: If they get anxious in the presence of children, other pets, or even noise-making objects like the television, its imperative to keep these away from their bed. This will also make them rest in a space where they can fully relax.
  • Keep distractions near: Get their favorite toys near or on the bed itself so they can chew on those, instead of the bed. You can also try leaving a radio or television when you’re out of the home as a distraction method for your dog.
  • Get a chew proof dog bed: Although the tips that we’ve already mentioned should be considered, getting a chew proof dog bed or bed cover is one of the ways to at least keep their actual bed safe when they do decide to chew. There are orthopedic dogs beds in the market with chew proof features if you’d like to check those out.
  • Don’t tolerate bad behavior: If you’re starting with a puppy, include this on their training. Let them know that chewing on their bed is bad and will not be tolerated.
  • Keep them tired and worn out: Play with them and make sure they get plenty of exercise before going to bed. This will make them have no energy to chew.

Features to consider when buying an Orthopedic Dog Bed


Although we’ve established how good a memory foam can be to support a dog’s build, there are other types of orthopedic beds that don’t use memory foam. Some are high-grade foams in various firmness sandwiched together to provide adequate support for your dog. Some also incorporate an egg-crate designed foam, which provides better airflow and distributes weight evenly on the surface, making it firm but still comfortable.

Bolsters and Headrests

Bolsters are perfect for dogs who are leaners. If they love putting their head on pillows or toys then they might like their dog beds with cushioned bolsters. This feature is also great for keeping their spines straight and relaxed while laying down. Sofa-style orthopedic dog beds are another shape that gives ample space for your dog while giving them a lot of cushioning where they can rest their heads.

Shape and Size

Donut beds are great for dogs who curl up when they sleep. Meanwhile, mattresses and cushions are suitable for dogs who spread out and stretch their limbs while sleeping.

When it comes to the length and width of the bed, there are a lot of brands that offer various sizes of orthopedic beds for large breeds and small dogs, you just have to double-check the size charts that they provide to get the right one for your pup.

Fabric Material

From fleece to oxford cotton, orthopedic dog beds also have varying fabric materials as its cover. If you have a dog who doesn’t have incontinence problems, then these are perfectly suitable choices. But if they do, you might benefit from getting an orthopedic bed with a waterproof cover, or a waterproof inner lining to protect the foam inside.


Waterproof covers can make cleanup easier for dog owners. A dog who does not have the ability to move freely can sometimes make accidents while on their bed. An easy to clean orthopedic bed is a great feature for dogs with incontinence problems. Having them be machine washable also saves time and effort for the owner.

Our Top Picks for the Best Orthopedic Dog Beds

Orthopedic Dog Bed for Large Breeds – KOPEKS Dog Bed with Headrest

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For a top rated orthopedic dog bed for large breeds, this one from KOPEKS is a great choice. It has a thick and firm foam that can bear the weight of large to giant dog breeds. It has a 6-inch thick memory foam, coupled with a headrest that is 4-inch high. The bed itself is 50 inches long and 34 inches wide, a large bed that can comfortably fit your giant furry friend. Its thick memory foam pad also ensures that it is still soft and comfortable to lay on, even when it’s weighted down by big dogs – especially if they have joint problems or hip dysplasia.

This dog bed from KOPEKS also has a non-slip pad underneath to keep it in place even when your dog gets a little excited. Your giant of a dog doesn’t even need to have any mobility problems to deserve this wonderful mattress since its design is specifically catered to large breeds.


  • 50”L x 34”W x 7”H dimensions for big to extra large breeds
  • Also perfect for 2 large dogs
  • Memory foam makes it a great orthopedic bed for senior and injured dogs
  • Has a 4” headrest if you have a dog who is a leaner
  • The wide bed space is suitable for both curlers and dogs who spread out when sleeping


  • Not chew proof and unsuitable for aggressive and easily excitable dogs
  • It has a light colored cover that won’t hide stains and wet spots

Orthopedic Dog Bed with Soft, Easy to Clean Cover – Milliard Orthopedic Non-Slip Dog Bed

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Milliard’s orthopedic bed also claims that it has waterproof and easy to clean cover. It has a suede cover that is lined with waterproof TPU, so you can vacuum the outside or spot clean it, while easily wiping down the inside for no-hassle cleanup. It is also machine washable, but you just throw this in the machine every few weeks or so. Milliard’s dog bed can even be an outdoor orthopedic bed that you can leave outside on your porch or balcony, so your dog can enjoy the outdoors on a soft and super comfy mattress!

The dog bed itself has a thick cushion that is a combination of 2-inch memory foam on top and a firm 2-inch foam base on the bottom. The memory foam supports your dog’s body, while the firm base holds the memory foam up and serves as additional support.


  • Machine washable cover
  • Soft and plush outer cover that can be spot cleaned
  • Waterproof TPU inner lining that can be wiped down
  • Materials make it easy to maintain; washing will be needed once every few weeks only
  • Two-part cushion with a combination of memory and firm foam for comfort and additional support
  • The cover is removed and locked in place by water-resistant zippers
  • Available in a variety of sizes
  • Can be used as an outdoor orthopedic dog bed


  • Not for chewers and diggers
  • Non-slip lining underneath is not waterproof

Easy to Assemble Bolster Dog Bed – Friends Forever Orthopedic Bed Lounge

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For the best sofa-type orthopedic dog bed, you need to try the Friends Forever Bed Lounge. This memory foam dog bed has a soft but firm bolsters on three sides, where your dog can rest their heads. It has a 4-inch memory foam mattress perfect that can bear multiple small dogs or one large dog breed. It provides great hip and head support, as well as reducing the stress on their joints and bones.

The bolsters are already attached to the cover, so you just have to insert the foam mattress inside before use. The zippers are made from durable YKK metal, that is easy to use. Remove the cover – bolster foam can be removed as well – if they are in need of a wash. But you can leave this on for a few weeks before letting it go through a machine, since its cover is fur and water resistant. Spot cleaning is a breeze and you can just wipe the inner lining if accidents happen.


  • Sofa-type bed lounge with orthopedic properties
  • Thick 4” memory foam mattress for ultimate comfort
  • YKK metal zippers for durability
  • Bolsters are already inserted when you receive the package, you just have to insert the foam mattress and it’s ready to use!
  • Removal of the cushion – mattress and bolster – is easy as well with the zippers
  • Can be spot cleaned or wiped down if needed
  • Machine washable
  • Available in many sizes


  • Might be a little expensive for some owners
  • Not for chewers and diggers

Orthopedic Dog Bed with Fully-Padded Rim Cushion – JOYELF Orthopedic Dog Bed

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JOYELF’s orthopedic dog bed is a very comfy bed with raised bolsters on all sides. This way, no matter what position your precious pup may want, they’ll have ample support for their necks and spines. It has a 2-inch memory foam mattress and 5 inches of soft and firm cotton-filled bolsters.

This orthopedic bed from JOYELF also uses a lot of different materials for their cover. The bed itself has a plush furry surface, while the bolsters are lined with smooth fleece. The outside has a tear and water resistant lining for easily excitable dogs. The base is also non-slip and water resistant, so it won’t slide and absorb water when on a wet surface.


  • Raised bolsters on all sides for a super comfy bed
  • 2” memory foam plus comfortable cotton-filled bolsters
  • Gives any dog breed or dogs with ailments ample support
  • Fleece and plush surface with tear-resistant fabric on the outside
  • Non-slip and water resistant base
  • Breathable orthopedic dog bed with cooling properties


  • Plastic zipper and may not be as durable as metal ones
  • Might have an overpowering smell when brand new

Waterproof Orthopedic Bed – Brindle Memory Foam Waterproof Dog Bed

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For a fully waterproof orthopedic dog mattress, this one from Brindle is the best in the market. Its cover has a very plush top, as well as waterproof sides and bottom that also has a non-slip feature. The inner lining is also waterproof, so any liquid that comes from the top won’t reach the foam inside. The easy to remove zippered velour cover is also fur resistant and machine washable.

The mattress itself is a 4-inch thick memory foam that can support senior or injured dogs with their weak and inflamed joints. They even offer a lot of different designs for a fun orthopedic dog bed for your funky pet!


  • Fully waterproof cover
  • Velour cover with non-slip bottom
  • Waterproof interior lining to protect the mattress
  • Easy to remove cover through the zipper
  • Machine washable and can be spot cleaned
  • 4” memory foam for all dogs
  • Available in different sizes and designs
  • Orthopedic dog bed for dogs with achy joints, hip dysplasia, and arthritis


  • Not for aggressive chewers and diggers
  • Also not for dogs who loves leaning their head on cushions
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