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Best No-Pull Dog Harnesses


Are you getting tired of being pulled around like a rag doll while on leisure walks with your dog? Then you should definitely consider purchasing a No-Pull Dog Harness for your pet.

Although dogs can be trained to learn basic commands, a walk outside the comfort of your home may prove some difficulties. An open space – especially highly populated ones – will have a lot of distractions that may lead your dog to pulling on their leash to satiate their curiosity. A No-Pull Dog Harness is one easy way to train them out of this habit.

This type of harness – also called anti-pull, front-pull or front-attachment harness – has a design similar to a vest, with a series of adjustable straps connected to each other with metal or plastic buckles. A clip attachment is located on its front where you can clip on your leash, hence the “front-attachment” name.

So how does a no-pull harness work?

Once you’ve clipped a leash to its chest strap, it will hang alongside your dog’s body, rather than their back. This way, when they try to pull on their leash, they will be forced to follow its direction and swerve to the side, facing away from anything that caught their attention. This will frustrate your dog for a while, but it will eventually stick to their minds and they’ll learn to stop pulling on their leashes while on a walk.

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This type of harness is gentle on both the dog and the owner, since it does not stress or strain their bodies when a sudden pull happens. Making it a safe and comfortable way to train your dog if you are not a trained professional yourself.

There are also two major designs a stop-pull harness comes in: Freedom Harness and Easy-Walk Harness.

The difference between these two is easy to identify. A Freedom Harness has a strap that goes high across the chest and almost at the neck, while the Easy-Walk is lower and closer to their shoulders. Both harnesses tighten slightly when your dog pulls on them, but in terms of restrictiveness, the Easy-Walk brings more of it because of how low it is. It doesn’t give that much space for the shoulders to move and might be uncomfortable for your dog.

What factors do you need to consider when buying a no-pull harness?

There are a lot of different designs and features for no-pull dog harnesses in the market, but how do you actually choose the best one to suit you and your dog’s needs?


This is one of the most important factors to consider when choosing any type of dog harness. Different dog breeds come in a lot of shapes and sizes. Male and female bodies differ as well, with male dogs usually having wider chests than females.

Different brands will have a size chart available for owners to determine which will suit their dog. Most brands also offer adjustable straps, so if you have a puppy in training, they can grow into the harness which can be use for a few months until they become adults. It will also help a dog whose weight and size will fluctuate as they grow older.

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Clips and Buckles

No-pull training harnesses have snap buckles that makes it to easy get your dog in and out of the harness. It varies from small to large ones depending on the thickness of the straps. This way, you won’t have to loosen up anything when you take it off your dog. This feature is related to the harness’ adjustability, because they help keep the straps tight and in place while your dog is moving.

Clip attachments also vary in material, where you clip on your leash. They can be made from metal, plastic, and even a strip of durable nylon fabric.


In the case of leashes, most brands will offer one to pair with the harness. Some don’t however, but you can always use your usual leash for these types of harnesses (an extra-long one for small dogs and puppies, of course). If you can stand properly behind or beside your dog with the leash clipped to their front, then your leash is at just the right length.

If you want a heavy-duty leash to fit with the harness, then we will be more than glad to guide you through our article on “The Best No-Pull Dog Leashes” as there are many available in the market.

Strap Width and Thickness

The strap width of a no-pull dog harness will also vary, since some offer a simple design with narrow – but comfortable – straps, while some harnesses are more like vests and will take up a huge space on your dog’s chest.

Narrower straps are perfect for small to medium dogs who are already trained, but still have the impulse to pull on their leads. While wide, padded vests that has a loop on its chest are great for big, untrained dogs.

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A wide and durable no-pull vest should be built to be durable and bear the strength of large dogs. These wide vests will most probably have other uses as well, like a lifting handle, air mesh padding, a loop on top for a back leash, and even multiple reflective straps along its whole construction. No matter the width of the straps of a no-pull dog harness – its function is all the same – but its durability against an energetic and strong dog would have to be taken into consideration.


There are harnesses that feature padding and some that do not and only use straps. Both of these should offer your dog comfort either way. Your dog will be expected to move a lot which can lead to a great deal of skin rubbing. The harness should have smooth and comfortable materials that won’t chafe your dog’s skin after wearing it for long hours.

If you have observed that a specific harness is irritating your dog’s skin, avoid using it for extended periods of time or replace your harness altogether. Thick padding helps with this issue, but it may weigh down your dog if the harness is too heavy for them.

Other Features and Uses

Dog Seat Belt. Some no-pull harnesses provide a short leash to their set that can serve as a doggy seat belt. This way you can keep your dog safe even inside your vehicle.

Tether training is a type of training method where you use a short (usually 4-foot in length) leash so you can keep the dog close to your body. This way you can easily keep them in line if they misbehave. This is also a great beginner dog harness to train your pet form leash pulling and to behave while on a walk with you.

The best no pull dog harness for 2019 with reviews

After knowing everything that you should take into account about the best no-pull dog harness for your pet, it’s time to check our selection of the top-rated harnesses of 2019 right here:

Effective No Pull Harness with the Best Adjustable Design – PetSafe “Easy Walk” No Pull Dog Harness

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The PetSafe “Easy Walk” No-Pull Dog Harness has a lot of attractive qualities that every dog owner would love. It has padded straps that are comfortable to wear. The straps are connected through a metal O-loop, making it stable and durable from any kind of pulling. The leash ring itself is also made from a metal D-ring, where you can connect your leash. The straps can be taken on and off through a single snap clasp on one side. 

There are several buckles designed into the PetSafe “Easy Walk” No-Pull Dog Harness, so you can find the snug and comfortable fit for your dog through adjusting these buckles. The straps are also designed to be slip-proof, so it won’t loosen or tighten up with the movement of your dog.

Key Features:

  • Comfortable and effective no-pull harness
  • Durable materials for large and extra-large dogs
  • Lightweight and perfect for dogs with short hairs
  • Can be used daily and can stay on for extended periods of time
  • Available in various sizes and colors
  • Easy to tighten for secure hold on dog
  • Several buckles for adjustability

Most Comfortable No-Pull Dog Harness with Basic Design – 2 Hounds Design Freedom No-Pull Harness

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The 2 Hounds Design Freedom No-Pull Harness is one of the most comfortable and skin-safe harness for dogs of any breed. Its straps have a soft, velvet interior lining that will prevent any chaffing or uncomfortable rubbing to occur while your dog is wearing it. It also has multiple buckles so you can adjust the straps to fit more securely around your dog.

It has the basic no-pull design with a standard D-ring on the chest strap. It is also a versatile harness that can be used by senior or disabled dogs.

Key Features:

  • Non-Irritating dog harness with interior velvet lining
  • Four points of adjustability for the right fit
  • Snap buckles for easy wear and removal
  • Durable materials fit for medium to large dogs
  • Also available in various sizes
  • Leash included also has velvet lining for owner’s comfort

Heavy Duty No-Pull Dog Harness for All Dog Breeds – Rabibitgoo No-Pull Dog Harness

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This no-pull harness from Rabbitgoo is a wide and padded type of harness that can also double as a vest. The Rabbitgoo No-Pull Dog Harness has a heavily-padded chest with wide, durable straps. These straps are adjustable and easy to remove (or put on) with the snap clasps available.

You can attach your leash unto two points of this harness, one in the back and one on the chest strap. This way, you can choose or swap from one to the other. The Rabbitgoo is perfect for leash training with its handle on the top of the vest. The top handle is great for keeping a dog in place if they get too excited. They are also great as support harnesses for disabled or senior dogs.

The Rabbitgoo No-Pull Dog Harness also has reflective straps for visibility during nighttime.

Key Features:

  • Wide and padded chest strap for comfort and security
  • 2 leash clips for control and training
  • Easy to remove and attach snap clasps
  • Adjustable straps with metal buckles
  • Available in a variety of sizes for different dog breeds
  • Reflective straps for added security measures

Best Training and Dog Seat Belt No-Pull Harness – Kurgo Tru-Fit No-Pull Dog Harness

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For dogs without leash training or rowdy dogs who need one, the Kurgo Tru-Fit No-Pull Dog Harness is the perfect choice. It’s not too bulky on your dog but still has wide straps for extreme durability. There are D-rings located on the chest and back areas of the harness, where you can clip on your leash for normal and no-pull leads. These features make the Kurgo a great harness both for training and standard walks.

The Kurgo Tru-Fit No-Pull Dog Harness can also serve as a secure seat belt for your dog. They add a short leash in the set with a carabiner clasp that you can attach to your vehicle’s seat belt.

Key Features:

  • Great for training, walking, and as a dog seat belt
  • Secure, padded chest strap but not too bulky
  • Multiple adjustable buckles for adjustability
  • Wide straps for durability suitable for different breeds
  • Has various sizes available
  • Slip-proof straps to secure the size on the dog

Classic No-Pull Harness with Basic but Effective Design – SENSE-ible No-Pull Dog Harness

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The SENSE-ible No-Pull Dog Harness is a classic, but still very effective harness design for all dog breeds. The straps are connected to a single O-ring in the middle of the chest section, where you will also attach your dog’s leash. Although not as sophisticated as other designs, it can still prevent pulling from your dog and can be used for all types of training.

For basic dog training, the SENSE-ible No-Pull Dog Harness is a great choice. If you have an obedient dog who is still learning basic commands, this harness is a simple and reliable gear to help them with leash training.

Key Features:

  • Simple but effective design
  • Simple O-ring on the center of the chest strap
  • Single snap clasp for easy removal and wear
  • Narrow straps with adjustable buckles
  • Available in a variety of sizes
  • Great for basic training

Dog harnesses are versatile gear that helps make dogs’ and owners’ lives easier by aiding us when training our dogs to be obedient. They are also wonderful tools to keep our precious dogs safe and secure while we are out walking with them.  But if your pooch is just unmanageable and would always want to slip away, then you will need to read our reviews and guide for the best escape proof harness for walking. And if you’re looking for a quick guide to training your dog for walking outdoors, we’ve also got an article to help you get started. Whenever you need to buy dog gears be sure to read all our other articles before making that decision.

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