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Best Indoor Dog Potty


A good dog will patiently wait for its owner if they need to go potty. But a good owner will never want their pet to suffer even when they have a trained dog. So the solution? An indoor dog potty!

Why keep an indoor potty?

It might be an icky thought for owners who haven’t tried having an indoor potty at home, but the best in the market actually provides a really easy to maintain potty even for busy pet parents. Not to mention how much you’d benefit from it.

  • Puppy training: An indoor potty is the best way to train your pup to relieve themselves in the comfort of your home. This will be the test to make sure that they only go potty in proper places and without any mess.
  • Homes without a yard: If you need to take your dog on a walk outside because you don’t have a yard where they can relieve themselves, an indoor dog potty is a nifty solution to your problem.
  • Indoor pets: If you have a dog that has incontinence, or has problems defecating or urinating, an indoor potty can be a great help to their condition. 
  • Senior dogs: An indoor dog potty also helps senior dogs lessen the strain on their bodies by having a potty near at hand which they can use anytime they need to.

Reminders when choosing an indoor dog potty

If you aren’t still sure which potty to pick from the thousands available in the market, here’s a list of the things we think you should consider before buying one for your pet.

Size of your dog

You should consider bigger sized pads for large dogs so they’ll have ample space to pee on. They might miss if they can’t aim properly and make a mess on your floor. Smaller dogs might miss as well, but odds will be lower, so a standard size is enough for them.

How often do they go potty?

Bigger dogs will naturally have larger volumes of urine or stool than other breeds, however, they only need to relieve themselves for about 3-5 times a day. Smaller dogs, on the other hand, will need to go potty more often since they have smaller bodies.

Location of the potty in your home

There are a variety of sizes available in the market that can fit the location you chose for this indoor toilet. But also consider that you might put it outside on a balcony or porch, so you should also consider the space of these locations.

Ease of cleanup

Reusable indoor toilets can be easily washed by hand or scrubbed gently like in the case of artificial grass. Grates need to be cleaned thoroughly if poop or other debris is stuck in between. The trays and holders of these pads can be cleaned out with soap and water. But you could always use commercial pee pads to make cleaning much easier.

Real or hydroponic-grown grass, on the other hand, can be thrown out and replaced by a new patch. They usually last longer than synthetic grass since they thrive on the nutrients that come from your dog’s waste.

Training Tips for Potty Training your Pet Indoors

Tips for Potty Training Puppies and Older Dogs

  • Puppies: 12-16 weeks old is the ideal time to train your pup. Keep a regular feeding schedule so you can monitor their potty time. Take them to the potty tray or pad when they need relieve themselves and always praise them whenever they get it right. You can also give them treats to reinforce their good behavior
  • Older Dogs: Before potty training an older dog, make sure that they’re not relieving themselves in odd places because of medical or psychological reasons. You’ll need a different approach for these situations. 

Once you’ve ruled out this reason, you can start training them by also putting them on a regular feeding schedule. Have them sniff the pad or tray and get them acquainted to the equipment while being enthusiastic yourself. Then, once they’ve grown accustomed to its scent, you can lead them to this location if they need to relieve themselves. Some indoor toilets, like natural and artificial grass pads, have a scent that is irresistible to dogs and will automatically encourage them to relieve themselves there.

How long does it take to potty train a puppy?

It really depends. Some might take longer and some might not. There are also instances that once you’ve introduced them to the indoor toilet, they’ll know immediately what it is for. But you should always remember to be patient and encouraging when training your pet.

Crate potty training

The only difference with crate training, is that the potty pad is in the crate with them. But usually, if they’re using the same indoor potty pad outside the crate, they will know what it is for.

However, if they have difficulty using the indoor toilet in their crate, here are a few tips that you can start with:

  • Let them sniff on the pad to get them used to the scent
  • Once they’re accustomed to the scent, you can bring your dog to the potty pad if they need to relieve themselves
  • Give plenty of encouragement and treats once they get it right
  • Repeat for a few weeks until your dog gets it

Our Top Picks for the Best Indoor Potty for your Dog

Easy to Clean and Maintain – Blyss Pets Klean Paws Indoor Dog Potty

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The Blyss Pets Klean Paws Indoor Dog Potty is very easy to maintain. It has two parts that makes it effortless to clean up and for your dog to use. If you didn’t get the chance to let your dog out to poop, no worries because it has a sheet pan deep enough to collect urine and stool. The grate is also spaced enough to keep your dog’s paws away from the wet spots in the tray and for their urine to pass through with minimal splatters.

The sheet pan can accommodate old newspapers or pee pads to make it even easier to clean out. Pee pads are the best choice to keep the odor under control.

Key Features:

  • Two-part system to keep wastes inside and keep them there until it needs to be cleaned out
  • No spill and no leaks with the deep sheet pan
  • Grate keeps your dog’s paws away from any wet spots
  • Can be used to store urine and dog poop
  • Old newspapers and commercial pee pads can be used to line the pan


  • Does not have any odor-control feature but can be lined with odor-free pee pads
  • Dog poop might get stuck in between the grates and will be harder to clean

Absorbent, Real Grass Indoor Potty – DoggieLawn Real Grass Dog Potty

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Make your precious doggie feel real grass even when inside your home with the DoggieLawn Real Grass Dog Potty! Natural grass is more absorbent and has much better odor-control properties than artificial grass, making this potty pad one of the best in the market.

DoggieLawn Dog Potty comes with a box where the grass can be kept safely. It also keeps any leaks inside where it’s supposed to be. The real grass is completely disposable and can be used for a few weeks at the most.

Key Features:

  • Real grass that makes potty a more enjoyable time for your pet
  • More absorbent and greater at odor-control than artificial grass
  • Disposable and can be used for a few weeks
  • Comes with a box to keep surrounding area clean
  • Box also prevents leaks and spills
  • Great for indoor or outdoor use
  • Comes in 2 sizes
  • No washing, only replacing


  • Real grass makes it a little more expensive than other indoor potty products
  • Not suitable for dogs who love to dig through real dirt and grass

Convenient Cleanup with Odor Control Potty – PetSafe Pet Loo, Portable Indoor/Outdoor Dog Potty

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PetSafe’s Pet Loo is a chunky piece of equipment that has a 4-layer system. On top is an artificial grass pad that makes peeing and pooping more comfortable for your dog. Under that is a slanted tray that helps the urine pass through easily to a pod beneath, without collecting puddles that might develop unpleasant odors. The pod is a collection bin that contains PetSafe’s own Wee Sponge powder that works similarly to cat litter. It will form clumps once your dog’s pee makes contact with it, making it easy to dispose of and economical.

This indoor potty equipment is also suitable for outdoor use. You can place it on your porch, patio, or balcony or if you have other areas where you can place the indoor potty. And with the Wee Sponge Powder, you won’t have to worry about constant cleanups because all their waste will be collected there. You might need to clean the slanted tray and grass pad, but only once in a while.

Key Features:

  • 4-layer system for low maintenance dog potty
  • Has comfortable artificial grass, slanted tray, and collection pod
  • Collection pod has Wee Sponge Powder to make it easier to clean out
  • Slanted tray keeps pee from collecting puddles
  • Elevated dog potty that makes sure no accidental missed aims happen
  • Can be used outdoor as well
  • Includes grass mat clips to keep it in place


  • Small dogs and puppies might have a hard time going up the platform
  • Grass pad might slip a little if your dog gets a bit excited

Indoor Potty for Training Puppies – Prevue Pet Products Tinkle Turf

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This lightweight and easy to use training potty is a great pad for puppies. This potty trainer includes a thin synthetic pad and a tray to hold the pad. These parts ensure that no leaks happen and that it will fully absorb the waste of your dog.

The best part of the Prevue Tinkle Turf is that it’s available in a number of different sizes. They have sizes suitable for small to large dogs so you can have an indoor toilet for any of your pets. The grass pad can be hand-washed, while the tray can be cleaned with soap and water.

The Prevue Tinkle Turf easy to replace and lightweight construction makes it an ideal training tool for young pups. It’s not high enough that they’ll have trouble jumping on it, and it has synthetic grass surface that can be comfortable for them to use naturally.

Key Features:

  • Grass pad and tray indoor training toilet
  • Thin and lightweight synthetic grass pad
  • Easy to clean out and can be air-dried
  • Tray prevents leaks and spills, especially for beginners
  • Reusable grass pad but is also replaceable
  • Also great for senior dogs or dogs with incontinence


  • Make sure that the size of the tray fits your dog so they have ample space to use or they will miss and make a mess
  • Grass turf is not fixed on the tray; may slip if your dog digs or gets too excited while doing the deed

Indoor Potty that’s great for Balcony or Porch Use – Fresh Patch Disposable Dog Potty

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Fresh Patch is an organic and hydroponically-grown grass that can be used as an indoor or outdoor potty toilet. They are lush, super green, and soft to the touch. Perfect for dogs who love the outdoors. It’s organic nature also makes for a great odor-resistant toilet, plus it’s super absorbent. It even has its own box that is also biodegradable and eco-friendly!

This disposable potty can be used for a number of weeks, since the soil and grass roots absorb the wastes of your dog effectively. This training pad is also a great outdoor toilet that you can put on your balcony or porch.

Key Features:

  • Fresh, real, and natural grass pad
  • Super absorbent and long lasting
  • Easy to replace and has its own biodegradable box
  • Can be placed on your patio, porch, or balcony for outdoor use
  • Super comfortable for your doggie or pup
  • Odor-free and leak-proof


  • Can be a bit expensive
  • Not for dogs who dig when they poop or urinate
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