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Best Escape Proof Dog Harness


Are you frustrated about your escape artist furry friend that always slips out of the dog harness? In this case, an escape-proof dog harness is what you need to prevent your pooches from getting away and that will give you peace of mind. A good dog harness could give you the greatest control over your skittish dog to prevent jailbreak escapades. At the same time, it also prevents your adorable dog from injuries during leash-pulling incidents.

We have here the complete guide to assist you in selecting the right dog harness. We advise you to go through the important matters to be taken into consideration before selecting the right and appropriate dog harness for your pups. 

There several reasons that your dog always tries to escape from the dog harness, which all dog owners should be cautious of. This may help you to figure out the best solution to prevent your fur babies from breaking away from their harnesses. 

We have concluded the top 6 best escapes-proof dog harness with our reviews in 2019 for your future purchase. 

What to consider when choosing an anti-escape dog harness?

Once you have decided to buy an anti-escape dog harness, there are a few features which you should take careful note of. The right dog harness will provide a higher level of comfortability and safety to both dogs and fur parents.

Type of harness (Harness lead & Padded front straps)

The dog harness basically can be identified into two types which could be differentiated from their appearance, harness lead and padded harness. The harness lead is a rope-like material with loops at either one of the ends. This type of harness requests the dog parents to tie the lead manually. Although the wearing method seems complicated, it is an extremely effective way to prevent dogs from escaping, especially for those dogs who love to pull a lot.

The padded harness as its name suggests, has padded materials at the front attached with multiple straps and clasped by the buckles. It is more convenient compared to harness lead because it is designed to fit with your dog’s size, and it is adjustable through the strap’s length. It is designed with two different types, back-attaching padded harnesses and front-attaching padded harnesses. 

Back-attaching padded harness has leash rings located in front of the dog’s neck where you can attach the leash. It is designed and suited for outdoor adventure, running and jogging activities. On the flip side, the design of front-attaching padded harnesses are intended to reposition and redirect when slipping away attempt is made. Front-attaching harness provides excellent control over dogs.

Material & Quality of dog harness

It is relatively important to choose a dog harness made of high-quality materials. The materials used should be durable, strong, chew-proof and long-lasting so that the dog harness won’t get damaged easily under pressure. These high-quality materials will lower the risk of escaping and will prolong the dog harness’ life span. 

The leash rings, buckles and straps are the few weak points in the dog harness. The buckles and leash rings serve as connectors to join all straps and pads together. They need to be firm as they are supposed to withstand great pressures during pulling. Otherwise, this might provide an opportunity for the cunning pets to slip away from their dog harness. 

High-visibility features

High visibility may not be that important in a dog harness, but it is a bonus feature. It helps to improve the visibility of your dog to prevent accidents. In worst case scenarios, if your dog really escapes its dog harness, the reflective material will be noticeable enough for you to see your pooch. Other than that, mini LED light for clothing could be an option for all dog parents. This is specially made for night walking so people and vehicles can better see your pup.

Ease of use

Complicated or simplified wearing method of dog harnesses may affect user experience. The buckles and leash rings that connect the straps together should allow dog parents to easily put the dog harness on their dogs by clipping on the buckles. This design is for the convenience of all users. This simplified wearing method may reduce the stress and anxiety level due to hours of wearing dog harness.

Dog harness size 

All dog harnesses come in various dimensions and measurements to ensure they will fit most dogs. They come in different sizes ranging from XS to XXL so dog parents can choose which size will best fit their fur babies. Please note that sizes and dimensions might be different for each brand.

It is necessary to check the measurement provided by the manufacturer to secure the size that will fit your beloved buddy. Apart from that, straps should be adjustable in order to fit your dog’s body well. Oversized or undersized dog harnesses may cause discomfort to your dog urging them more to wriggle and breakout.

WHY do dogs constantly try escaping from dog harnesses?

There are a couple of reasons why dogs always try to escape from dog harnesses. We hope this might help you to understand your dog’s behaviour adequately and reduce the incidence of such.

Uncomfortable feeling of being restrained

Just like most of wild animal’s behaviour, most dogs do not like unfamiliar objects attached to their necks. This will make them feel completely unnatural and uncomfortable. Imagine yourself wearing a fully buttoned collared shirt, and you can’t remove it. Your dog might feel asphyxiated as well. Having your dog wear a harness might take patience on your part and a little getting used to on your pup’s part.

Bad experience

Bad experience is the hardest to overcome. You see, dogs can easily relate feelings to objects, especially pain. If you accidentally hurt them while making them wear a dog harness, then you might have a hard time making them trust you and the harness again. So we suggest that dog owners should be gentle and patient in introducing dog harnesses to their pups.

List of the Best Non-Escape Dog Harness in 2019

All non-escape dog harnesses in the market have various characteristics which made this task quite challenging. May we present our reviews.

The top picks all rounded inescapable dog harness

RuffWear Web Master Harness

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Ruffwear Web Master series dog harness has received favourable responses from most dog owners especially those who owns a Houdini dog. Dubbed as the best escape proof dog harness in the market, it uses the 5 buckle points for a snug yet comfortable fit to ensure that the dog harness will fit perfectly to your dog’s body. It is equipped with two sturdy leash attachment points as well, to help dog owners gain more control

In order to achieve a higher comfort level, Ruffwear has designed belly straps with a padded chest. The foam-padded belly strap is soft and gentle to their skin and yet secures your dog from escaping. We highly recommend this for outdoor activities and even in search and rescue operations. This slip roof dog harness comes along with a grab padded handle for balanced lifting so you can assist your pup over the obstructions. 

This anti-escape dog harness uses lightweight nylon material to reduce the pressure bear by the dogs but may be unbreathable. It may make dogs with thick fur feel hot. 

Key features: 

  • 5 buckles points for comfort fit
  • 2 leash attachment points 
  • Designed with foam-padded belly strap and padded chest for a higher comfort level
  • Designed to suit outdoor activities
  • Grab padded handle is created for balanced lifting
  • 5 sizes available
  • Use of lightweight materials


  • Unbreathable material may make the dog feel hot easily
  • Only hand-wash with air-drying 

Easy to use anti-escape dog harness

EzyDog Quick Fit Dog Harness

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EzyDog has designed a dog harness with the simplest wearing method. They have invented the quick-clip buckles system for the convenience of all dog parents. This system makes wearing a dog harness as easy as 1-2-3 by just clipping the buckle once. With a padded chest sleeve made of neoprene, it is slip-proof and fits dogs comfortably. The neoprene is water resistant which makes this harness suitable for outdoor activities.

It is extra padded to provide support and protect the dog’s back and chest. The padded chest strap is designed low to prevent the possibilities of choking. EzyDog also incorporates the reflective stitching on the dog harness to increase the nighttime visibility for safety. Although this escape-proof dog harness is covered with pads, some dog’s owner still complain that it has caused some chafing on the lower chest area and front legs.

Key features: 

  • Ease of use due to one click buckle system 
  • XXS to XL sizes for selection (total 6 sizes)
  • 10 various colours for selection
  • Waterproof chest sleeve suitable for outdoor activities
  • Extra comfortable padded for back and chest area
  • Reflective stitching


  • Chafing issues

The top padded front straps dog harness

Chai’s Choice pet harness

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Chai’s Choice pet harness is considered as one of the top selections for anti-escape dog harness in the market. This pet harness uses Strengthen lightweight Duraflex buckle to prevent breaking away to happen while pulling. This dog harness is designed with front and back leash attachment point to ensure control of the dog owner.

Having a large padded chest and Saddleback piece with a scratch-resistant outer layer made of Oxford material provides the highest comfort level to the dog. Breathable material, mesh lining fabric is designed on the padded chest and belly to give a refreshing cool feeling. Due to the safety and low-light visibility concerns, 3M reflective material on the nylon webbing is designed on the dog harness. Although it has a handle, it may be too small and far apart for balance lifting.

Key features: 

  • 4 strengthened lightweight buckles 
  • 2 leash attachment points 
  • Comfortable large padded chest and Saddleback piece
  • Scratch-resistant outer layer
  • Made of breathable fabric, mesh lining
  • Reflective material for increasing the visibility at night


  • Uncomfortable lifting due to small handle which is located far apart 

The best harness lead inescapable dog harness

Harness Lead escape proof dog harness

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Among the various dog harnesses in the market, Harness Lead is one of the most special and reliable. It has a rope-like shape that works for all types of dogs because it can be scaled up and down to fit each dog’s body size. Due to its extreme flexibility, this escape resistant harness lead requires dog parents to have certain skills and practices before putting this harness on their dogs. 

It may help in calming dogs from pulling aggressively through leash pulling. The moment your dog pulls there will be a mild tightening of the barrel instead of the neck which is a good reason why this is for walking only and not for running activities.

Made with soft and lightweight materials it prevents injuries during leash pulling. Though it is made of braided nylon that has pulling capacity of up to 4,000 lbs, please note that this is not chew-proof. The best part of all, it has an affordable price which suits dog owners who has budget constraints

Key features: 

  • Rope-like shaped 
  • Made of soft and lightweight material
  • Suits all dog sizes
  • Provides more control through leash pulling
  • Affordable pricing


  • Skills and practice needed for wearing this complicated dog harness
  • Not chew proof

The multipurpose use non-escape dog harness

Didog Multi-Use Escape Proof Dog Harnesses

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Didog has offers a non-escapable dog harness to overcome the dog owner’s problems with wannabe-escape artist. This multi-use dog harness has multiple adjustable tension points to secure that it would not slip off. These points are designed to adjust the length of the straps for a tailored fit on our beloved dogs. The leash ring is designed with seamless D shaped for added strength when pulling. Didog only offers 2 sizes which suits medium-sized and large-sized dog.

A breathable and comfortable material, air mesh, is used in the design of this anti-escape dog harness to keep your adorable dog cool and fresh. Its reflective lining material allows your dog to be visible during low-light conditions and even at night. A padded handle is designed on the back for the ease of lifting without hurting our hands. But the handle is located far too behind which might cause an unbalance lifting.

Key features: 

  • 7 adjustable buckles points for a tailored fit
  • Seamless D-shaped leash ring for added strength during pulling
  • Made of breathable and comfortable materials
  • Reflective lining material for safety during night walks
  • Padded handle for lifting 


  • Only 2 sizes available, M and L
  • Unbalance lifting due to handle location

Ease of transportable inescapable dog harness

Cosy Meadow Escape Proof Dog Harness

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The Cosy Meadow dog harness is one of the most impossible to escape with dog harness and can securely fit all type of dogs. It has a chest and belly straps which can be adjusted to properly fit the dog’s body. The chest strap is designed low to prevent choking incidents from happening. It is made of soft and comfortable materials to ensure the high satisfaction and comfort level of your dogs. Although it uses neoprene fabric as a waterproofing material, it does not compromise comfort. 

This Cosy Meadow dog harness has a sturdy handle to allow dog parents to lift their dogs over obstructions. For the ease of transportation, this dog harness also comes with a car seat belt lease. This guarantees your dog to securely stay in the car. 

Key features: 

  • Adjustable belly and chest straps with padded sleeve
  • Low chest strap to prevent choking
  • Made of soft and comfortable material
  • Waterproofing material (Neoprene) is used
  • 5 standard sizes, from S to XL
  • Sturdy handle for lifting
  • Comes with a car seat beat lease

Imperfections: –

  • Manufacturing defect – weak buckles and clasp


Here are few questions with the answers that might help you clear your doubts about inescapable dog harnesses.

How do dogs escape from the harness?

According to our research, there are two methods that dogs use in escaping from their harnesses. First, dogs will chew the dog harness until there is a breakpoint for them to escape. They chew their harness for fun, or they just feel uncomfortable it. Secondly, they will slip their shoulders free by contorting or twisting their bodies. They will try to roll out of their dog harness until they squeeze their way out.

Why an escape-proof dog harness is useful?

Anti-escape dog harness is invented for those escape-pro artists. The buckles and straps are created to adjust and conform to your adorable dogs’ bodies. Redirecting and repositioning the harness during trainings can be done through the leash attached to the dog harness. Better control over the dog is provided through leash pulling. Apart from that, using dog harness can lower the risk of injuries especially fighting or incidents. This is because most dog harnesses have padded chest, saddleback or belly straps that helps to spread the pressure to reduce the risk of choking, neck and throat injuries.

How to use inescapable dog harness to train a puppy or dog?

An anti-escape dog harness can be used to train puppies and dogs through the leash pulling. The helps to keep the dog in one place. The leash will be used to redirect and reposition through the leash pulling to remind the dog while training. Furthermore, it used to cut down the risk beloved puppy or dog injuries during the leash pulling.

What types of dogs need escape proof dog harnesses?

Although all dogs have harness-escape skills, some dogs seem to have a higher risk of escaping from dog harnesses. Some of it may be caused by their body conditions, some may be due to their emotional circumstances and even their bad habits and behaviours. Destructive chewers, leash-averse dogs, nervous dogs, prior offenders and dogs with lanky builds or small heads are those dogs who have higher-risk of escaping away from dog harnesses.

Final note

For dogs who have mastered escape skills, a dog harness that won’t come off and is inescapable is pretty important for dog parents. Choosing the most suitable anti-escape dog harness can be really frustrating as there are many features and products characteristics that we need to think about. There are harnesses for certain types of activities, so be sure to choose what suits your lifestyle as a dog owner and what will benefit your dog the best.

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