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Best Dog Ramps


Dog ramps are wonderful tools that help lessen the stress on dog’s bodies, as well as help senior dogs carry themselves up to any elevated place. But not only that, dog ramps are also great helpers for humans who no longer have to ability to pick up their dog and get them inside a vehicle.

Because there are just instances where bringing our dogs with us on car trips are necessary. Taking them to the vet, parks, or just on a fun car ride will need your dog to go inside a vehicle for any trip. That’s why dog ramps are not just helpful tools but are a necessity to a few of us.

So now that we know how much a dog ramp can help our beloved pooches (and humans!) during their daily lives, here’s our guide to buying the most suitable dog ramp for your car, SUV, or truck!

Guidelines for Choosing the Best Dog Ramp

Size, Length, and Durability

Differently-sized dogs would need differently measured ramps. Large dogs would need sturdier and maybe extra wide pet ramps. Smaller dogs are lighter in weight, so they would only need lightweight ramps without extra width.

The length of the ramp will also have to be considered, since there is a certain needed length to a ramp to make it an effective tool for dogs to be used. Too steep and it may bring more stress on the dog’s legs, so you need something as close to parallel to the ground, so they’ll feel more comfortable walking on it. The best dog ramp in the market will provide size charts so you can match which ramps will suit your dog’s weight and height best.

Durability also plays a part, since you wouldn’t want lightweight ramps to collapse especially while your dog is walking on it. Make sure that the weight capacity of the ramp can support your dog’s heaviness, so you won’t have to worry about any accidents happening while your dog is using the ramp.

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There are various ways on how a ramp is made. Most dog ramps available in the market are made with durable and strengthened plastic, which makes them lightweight and easy to adjust. Plastic ramps are great for owners and dogs who travel often, since they are easy to carry around.

Aluminum ramps are weightier than plastic ramps, but they are stronger and will last longer – if cared for properly. Since it is made of metal, they will be sensitive to different climates. If you have a dog who would need long term help with mobility, then aluminum ramps are the best choice, but will need at least regular care.

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Wood ramps, on the other hand, can be made and not bought. If you know a handyman or you yourself can work with wood, there’s no one to stop you from making a wooden dog ramp yourself. But this particular type comes with its own pros and cons. Wood may be economical- and eco-friendly, but it has the shortest lifespan out of the three types of ramps. It can rot and change shape depending on the temperature and climate around it. Although the sturdiest out of the three, consider first how long you will use this ramp or if choosing aluminum or plastic would be better in the long run.

Other materials to upgrade dog ramps also vary, with some using a variety of fabric to improve the traction on the walkway, like sandpaper, synthetic grass, or even textured plastic or aluminum. Dogs are not used to these types of sensations, so training would need to happen before your dog will successfully walk on the ramp.

Storage and Portability

Since you are looking for a ramp for dogs to get in cars, SUVs, and trucks, then its storage and portability are a must to consider. Dog ramps are available in different sizes and lengths, which are great, so you’ll have a selection of various types to fit your vehicle. If you are an owner who has a small vehicle, then a narrow dog ramp is enough as a side entry pet ramp. A car’s distance from the ground isn’t that far, so medium-length ramps are sufficient for your dog to comfortably walk on.

SUV’s and trucks, on the other hand will need to be suited with longer pet ramps, since their entrance are usually higher from the ground. Dog ramps for car side doors, and dog ramp for lifted trucks will have to be equipped with longer lengths. Double- or Tri-folded ramps are perfect for these types of vehicles.

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You should also consider where you would store these pet ramps, since they can be clunky and will take up space when you bring it with you on your trips. Foldable or collapsible dog ramps are great for cars and SUVs, because you can make them smaller and fit into your car’s back seat or trunk. Although trucks and bigger vehicles have larger storage spaces, you can still choose a foldable ramp for portability.

If you have a dog that would need constant support when going in and out of the vehicle, then portability is a key feature that you need for a ramp. They would need to be lightweight and easy to unfold so it won’t be hard on your body as well.

Other Features

Although we are featuring the best dog ramp for cars, SUVs, and trucks, it’s important to know the other ways that you can use a dog ramp. For a simple tool, they can definitely make you and your dog’s life easier in a lot of ways.

Dog ramps for steep stairs and outdoor stairs are one other way you can use them. We may have houses that have steep stairs as an entrance that dogs have trouble treading. Especially for small dogs who will have a hard time going up and down these flights of stairs. A pickup truck dog ramp is also a great way to help your dog in and out of your truck. They are longer (for a comfortable walkway to the ground) and would need to be sturdier than normal-sized ramps to carry the weight of your dog – especially in the middle, where it may sag and bear more weight.

There is even a special dog ramp for bed available in the market, to help your dog get into your bed – especially for small dogs who love to cuddle with their owners. These are indoor dog ramps and may be shorter than the normal dog ramps for vehicles.

There are even water-resistant and waterproof ramps for dogs that you can use for the pool, a pontoon boat, or any other elevated area near bodies of water. These are specially-made to have excellent traction and long-lasting design, because they will be submerged in water for extended periods of time.

Standing vs. Free-Standing Ramp

There are various types of ramps in the market, but for ground vehicles, there are two most common types. A standing ramp is a simple ramp that you place on the entrance of your vehicle for support, and for it to work properly. A free-standing ramp, on the other hand, does not need any support to do its job. It has a stand on one end to permanently create a slope where you dog will walk on. You just have to place it as near as possible to your car that your dog can comfortably reach.

The benefit of a free-standing ramp is its durability and support. No matter the materials used for a free-standing ramp, its construction makes it sturdy and able to bear heavy weights. Although sturdier and more stable than standing ramps, they are not that portable and much more difficult to store. Even if some free-standing ramps can be collapsible, it will take time to assemble and disassemble. This is where the standing ramp out performs the free-standing ramp..

If you want sturdy and secure ramps, then a free-standing ramp is the way to go. But if you prioritize portability and easy storage, then the standing ramp is the best choice.

Now that we’ve established the main points to consider when choosing the best dog ramp for cars, SUVs, and trucks, here’s our list of the best dog ramps of 2019:

Top 5 Best Dog Ramps for Car, SUV, and Truck

Best Dog Ramp for Senior and Large Dogs – Pet Gear Tri-Folding Ramp

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The Pet Gear Tri-Fold ramp has three parts that fold into a portable rectangle that you can store in your back seat or trunk. With its foldable feature, it ensures that there is enough support on each individual ramp that can carry the weight of medium to large dogs.

When folded, the Pet Gear Tri-Folding Ramp has a molded handle so you can carry it easily for storage. It measures 71 x 16 x 4 inches and can carry up to 200-lb dogs. It has a wide walkway and steady grips that are also perfect for senior dogs.

It even has additional rubber grippers that lock and keep the ramps firm and stable. A slip-resistant surface is applied on the walkway for traction. It will have a hold unto your dog’s paws to avoid slips and unsteadiness.


  • Easy-fold design for storage and portability
  • Tri-fold for stability and durability
  • Carpeted ramp that ensures traction
  • Can hold up to 200lbs of animal
  • Wide ramp for senior and large dogs
  • Long ramp suitable for comfortable walk for cars and large vehicles


  • Carpeted ramp may be too rough for some breeds
  • Standing ramp may buckle for a bit if not laid on car and ground properly

Best Dog Ramp for Trucks and Pick-Ups – PetSafe Solvit Deluxe Extra-Long Telescoping Pet Ramp

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For ramps that are suitable for highly elevated vehicles like trucks and pick-ups, the PetSafe Solvit Deluxe Extra-Long Telescoping Pet Ramp is the best choice. It weighs only 13lbs and has a 72-inch length that provides an adequately-angled ramp that is still comfortable for a dog to walk on, even when used on lifted trucks. It is made from ultra-durable aluminum materials.

This durable and extra-long telescoping ramp can bear up to 400lbs of weight. It also has a high-traction surface – with materials similar with skateboards and truck beds – that provides a comfortable grip for your pet. The guard rails located on both sides of the ramp also gives your pet a guide, so they won’t go out of the ramp space.

The PetSafe Solvit Deluxe Extra-Long Telescoping Pet Ramp also has an adjustable size. It can be a 32-inch ramp to a long 72-inch ramp.


  • Combined aluminum and plastic design for extra-durability
  • 72-inch ramp that retracts to a 32-inch ramp
  • Sliding feature makes for easy storage
  • Textured surface for high traction
  • Has rubber feet for strong hold on any surface
  • Easy to clean and store
  • Has guard rails for extra security
  • Safety latch to keep it retracted until released


  • May need adjusting for owners who are used to foldable ramps
  • Traction may be too rough on some dogs

Best Dog Ramp for Portability – Paws & Pals Supports Portable Tri-Fold Ramp

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The Paws & Pals Portable Tri-Fold Ramp is a great back-seat ramp for cars and SUVs. It has a collapsible feature that folds into a suitcase-like design with included handle for portability. The locking mechanism included in its design ensures that it won’t open up while being carried.

This foldable ramp has a slightly curved construction, which gives a little ease to your dog when they’re going down the ramp. It includes removable traction pads that you can put on top of the textured ramp, if needed. Since the traction pads are removable, you have the choice to put it on the ramp or not, provided that your dog can handle the ramp without the traction.

The Paws & Pals Portable Tri-Fold Ramp is lightweight and extremely durable, with its thick, plastic construction. Its width is perfect for car side doors and SUV back seats. Its size coupled with its weight and collapsible feature, makes it an extremely portable dog ramp.


  • Easy for dogs to get used to with its removable carpets
  • Great for car side doors, or even stair ramps
  • Collapsible construction with built-in handle
  • Ladder-type ridges along the walkway for traction
  • Tri-fold feature for small and portable collapsed size
  • Made from durable and lightweight plastic
  • Slight curve to support dog when walking down
  • Safety latch to keep it retracted until released


  • Not suitable for listed trucks or bigger vehicles
  • Need training before use, or might lead to slipping

Dog Ramp with Best Turf Ramp for All Types of Vehicles – Gen7Pets Natural Premium Step Ramp

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For the best turf ramps for dogs, then the Gen7Pets Natural Premium Step Ramp is a great choice! The main feature of this dog ramp is its artificial turf tread that simulates real grass. It helps your dog get accustomed faster to the ramp. It also gives great traction and comfort to the dog, since it feels natural.

Although this is a mini-step ramp, it still does its job as a comfortable and sturdy pet ramp for small dogs and dogs weighing up to 200 lbs. When unfolded, the Gen7Pets Natural Premium Step Ramp turns into a 42-inch ramp that is perfect for cars and as indoor step ramps. It turns into a miniature 21-inch step ramp when folded.

Its compact design makes it easy to store in your trunk, back seat, or even under your bed or couch, if your pet loves snuggling with you. It even has a handle available for portability. 


  • Great traction with its artificial grass as carpeting
  • Comfortable for pets and easy to get them accustomed
  • Foldable construction with built-in handle
  • Made with durable plastic materials
  • Can be used for car side doors and other slightly-elevated places
  • Made from durable and lightweight plastic


  • Might be too steep an incline if used for higher elevation
  • Can be too narrow for large dogs

Best Free-Standing Ramp for All Types of Vehicles – Pet Gear Free Standing Ramp

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Free-standing ramps are great for extra large dogs, since they have additional support from a stand attached to the elevated side of the ramp. The Pet Gear Free Standing Ramp is a great example of an extremely durable and stable free-standing ramp.

The Pet Gear Free Standing Ramp has a carpeted surface for traction and provides support while your dog is going up or down the walkway. It has the supertraX mat that not only gives a good grip to their paws but is also soft to the touch and easy to remove for cleaning! The ramp folds easily so it comes with some portability and easy storage qualities. The stands and ends of this ramp have rubber caps so it won’t slip even on smooth floors.

It has a 56-inch long ramp and 23 inches of total height, that gives you at least 2 feet of height that can comfortably reach the back opening of a sedan. Its total width is 16 inches and can bear up to 200lbs of weight, so it can support small to large animals. 


  • Free-standing ramp for durability and stability
  • Can bear small to large animals
  • Height can reach a sedan comfortably
  • Removeable carpet walkway for grip
  • Easy to clean plastic and carpet material
  • Bi-Fold ramp with collapsible support for easy storage
  • Can be used indoors or outdoors


  • Might not reach lifted or pick-up trucks
  • The sides are smooth so you need to train your dog to stay on the walkway

After reading our guide to choosing the right car ramp for your dog, as well as the best dog ramps of 2019, you now have the idea on the specific ramp that your dog may need.

Pet ramps aren’t for dogs only, they are also great for cats, if you have a senior cat who’s having trouble going up elevated places. Pet ramps are versatile tools that can also benefit humans, helping them carry their dogs without putting stress on their own bodies.

Get your very own pet dog ramp now and have a great time easing your dog to your car, SUV, or truck and have a great road trip with your beloved pet pooch!

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