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Best Dog Pee Pads


Untrained dogs – especially puppies – are most likely to pee in places that you don’t want them to pee on. This happens for a lot of reasons, mainly territorial tendencies or just because they can’t hold it in. But nevertheless, pee pads are a great and easy way to keep track of where your dog urinates and ultimately keep a clean home even with your naughty little pets around.

Benefits of a Pee Pad to Your Home and Dog

Potty Training (for both senior dogs and puppies)

Pee pads are the best way to potty train your dog inside the comfort of your home. Puppies and older dogs who are untrained can now relieve themselves in specific places with the use of pee pads. They are also great for senior dogs with incontinence.


If you need to travel with your dog, a pee pad is a great tool where they can relieve themselves while inside the vehicle. They can be fitted inside a crate as well, so you don’t have to worry about your dog making a mess inside their crates while you are driving.

Space for dogs to pee in when they don’t have the ability to go out

Leaving your dogs alone in the house is quite upsetting, especially if you have pets that are yet to be potty-trained. If they are free to roam around the house while you are away, pee pads can be the space where they can freely relieve themselves without dirtying the rest of the house.

Lining for dog crates

For dogs who aren’t allowed outside their crates while you are away, pee pads can be used to line their sheet pans so they can relieve themselves mess-free even while inside the crate.

General way to dry paws

Since pee pads are extremely absorbent and can soak up any kind of liquid, they can be used to dry your dogs’ paws when they have wet feet, whether from muddy roads or from the rain.

Features to look for in an effective pee pad


Pee pads should be able to hold at least a few cups of liquid without leaking. This is especially good for senior dogs who would pee often and little puppies who still have no control over their bladders.

Leak-proof and Quick-drying ability

A pee pad that has a quick-drying ability also decreases the chances of the pee from leaking out of the pad. This also prevents the odor from being diffused to the air. Being leak-proof also ensures that it won’t damage any kind of flooring that your home may have or possible stains to carpets or rugs. 


The size should be suitable to the build of your dog. Their bladders vary in sizes as well, so it will affect how often they would use the pee pad, or how much they could use up in one potty session.

Washable or Disposable

Washable pee pads are more economical than disposable ones, but they will be more expensive. Disposable pee pads, on the other hand, are much cheaper but you will be using more of them in the long run. Reusable pee pads also require cleaning and maintenance, as opposed to “use-and-throw-away” disposable pads. It depends entirely on your lifestyle and what kind you prefer to use.

Odor control

There are scented potty pads in the market, but most of them only have odor control features. This prevents the unpleasant smell of urine from invading your home or living room if you have indoor pets.


Doggy pee pads will change their color once they come in contact with any liquid. The area used will usually darken so you can see where exactly your dog peed. This way you can determine if it needs to be changed (or washed).

Pee Pad Holders

If your dog tries to play with their potty pads, then a holder can be a great tool to keep the pee pads flat on the ground, so even when your dog would nose around it, the holder can prevent the liquid it collected from spilling out. A pee pad holder is a tray-like design where you can place a potty pad on to keep it in place.

Tips on training your puppy to use a pee pad

  • Introduce them to the pad slowly and with enthusiasm. Lay it flat on your floor and let them sniff on it so they can make observations on their own.
    Note: Adult dogs may already know what they are for once they’ve sniffed them, so you only need to reward them for good behavior when they correctly use the pads.
  • Give a command whenever you place them on the pad. Do this frequently until they know what the command means.
  • Give them a treat when they follow your directions correctly!
  • Once they’ve accustomed to the command, you can give the instructions as soon as you see them fidgeting and seem like they would need to use the bathroom.

How to Use your Dog’s Potty Pads

Do they really work?

If used correctly, yes. Reusable and disposable pee pads are a great way to keep your home clean when you have an untrained puppy or dog living with you.

How many pee pads should I use at a time?

If you’re leaving your dog for a few hours, you should lay down 2-3 more pads that they can use while you are away. This ensures that the pee pad won’t get too saturated and have more space that your dog can use.

Disposing Reusable Pads

A drying rack can be useful if you’re using washable pee pads, this makes it easy to distinguish from your other laundry, keeping it separate from the stuff that you use. Most reusable potty pads in the market can be machine washed, but make sure to check the instructions for its maintenance to know which cycle to use.

Throwing Out Disposable Pads

Once they’ve dried, you can roll up the pee pad and throw away in the non-biodegradable garbage. Leak-proof and quick-drying qualities also come in handy when disposing your used potty pads. They ensure that there will be no mess once you’ve rolled it up, nor will there be any pee-shaped paw prints in your home when you dog accidentally steps on the used part of the pad.

Best Dog Pee Pads in the Market

Leak-Proof Pee Pad for Potty Training – AmazonBasics Training Puppy Pads

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AmazonBasics Leak-Proof Pee Pad has a clever design that turns urine into a gel-like substance. This keeps the odor from spreading and also keeps them from leaking out of the pad. It even has plastic lining to support its leak-proof feature. They’re heavy-duty as well and has 5-layers of protection to prevent leaking.

It comes in a variety of sizes and they also have a selection of number of pads per package.


  • Chemicals turn pee into a gel making it easier to manage
  • Odor-proof pee pad to keep home smelling fresh
  • 5-layer leak proof protection to make disposing easier
  • Plastic lining and base further prevent any leakage
  • Available in a variety of sizes and number of pads in pack
  • Potty pads work well for the price


  • Does not have any adhesive and may slid on floor
  • Might be damaged if your pet is prone to digging after peeing

Absorbent and Odor Resistant Reusable Pee Pad – Pet Parents Washable Pee Pad

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For a handy and effective travelling pee pad, the Pet Parents Potty Pads are the best to use. They are practically like absorbent rugs, but without the leaking and mess! They are suitable for all dog breeds and can pack a lot of liquid so you don’t need to change often. Pet Parents have their own WickQuick fabric blend that absorbs liquid quickly and dries it out in a snap.  They prevent your dog from tracking pee out of the pad to your floor.

They are great to use for travelling or as crate linings as well. Pet Parents Washable Pee Pads are also machine washable and can be hung to air dry.


  • Absorbs liquid quickly and keeps odor from spreading
  • Can pack a lot of liquid to prolong its use before it needs to be changed
  • Can be used to line crate while traveling or while you are out of the house
  • Is also great for post surgery blanket or as a whelping pad
  • Machine-washable and can be air dried
  • Non-slip grip for any type of floor
  • Made to last and is worth the money


  • May not be a good pad for dogs who like to chew or scratch
  • Dogs who are used to disposable pads may take time to get used to the washable ones

Absorbent Pee Pad and Best Value for Money – Four Paws Wee Wee Pads

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The Four Paws Wee Wee Pads are cheap and have thick construction that will trap all the liquid that your dog will expel. It is 100% leak-proof and is available in a variety of sizes. It has additives that can attract your dog, so they’ll know what to do once they catch a whiff of this pad. Its top has a quilted construction that is comfortable for your dog’s paws, which also helps prevent their pee from spreading out on to the surface. This is to keep it trapped on the same spot and risk any leaks. The fabric is tear-resistant and can withstand your dog’s claws.

The Wee Wee Pad is great for indoor and outdoor potty training for puppies and older dogs. Its absorbent properties are also handy for senior dogs with incontinence.


  • 5-layer, leak-proof design to keep your floors safe
  • Has plastic linings to keep your dog’s pee inside the pad
  • Contains an additive that encourages your dog to pee on the pad itself
  • Quilted surface construction to contain the pad in a small space
  • Tear-resistant materials that withstands dog’s claws
  • Great for indoor and outdoor potty training or dog incontinence


  • It might be difficult to tell which side is up if used for the first time
  • Leak-proof and can hold a lot of liquid, but not fast drying

Best Scented and Leak-Proof Pee Pad – Hartz Protection Odor Eliminating Pee pad

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For a pee pad with the best smell, Hartz’ Protection Odor-Eliminating Pee Pad is the leading brand in the market. Not only does it promise a leak-proof pad, it also gives off a wonderful lavender scent that masks any odor that dog pee can have.

The Hartz Protection Potty Pad also has the ability to transform urine into a gel-like substance and dries them out quickly. A plastic lining and base keep the liquid inside the pad to keep your floor safe. It also has 6 layers of protective and absorbent materials for a worthwhile use that can last the whole day – even through multiple uses.


  • Transforms urine into gel-like substance to keep it from spreading further
  • Quick to dry to prevent tracking on the floor 
  • Available in a variety of sizes to fit your dog
  • Odor control and even gives off a wonderful lavender scent
  • 6-layer construction makes it suitable for multiple uses
  • Can be used for crates, car rides, whelping, drying out wet or muddy paws, and even as a protective mat for food and water


  • Depending on the climate, pad might be a little stuck together when opened
  • Not for overenthusiastic dogs who might play with the pad

Reusable Pee Pad with Synthetic Grass – PetMaker Puppy Potty Trainer

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The PetMaker pee pad is a great tool for outdoor potty training. It is equipped with synthetic grass that mimics the real one, so you can get them accustomed to peeing on grass once you’ve finished training them. It is equipped with three layers that includes a collection tray at the bottom to catch any pee that might have leaked through the mat. The mat itself is absorbent and anti-microbial, a sanitary way to collect your dog’s pee.

The synthetic grass mat, grid, and collection tray can be detached from one another and cleaned separately. All of the parts can be washed with soapy water and rinsed clean. Quick and easy! Its reusable property is also an economical method if you potty train more than one dog.


  • 3-layer system with collection tray ensures no leakage
  • Detachable pieces that are easy to clean with soap and water
  • Synthetic grass makes it an appropriate pad for outdoor potty training
  • Reusable pee pad that can be used for a long-time
  • Can fit inside a crate if you leave your pets inside them
  • Might be easy and comfortable to use for dogs who love the outdoors


  • Pieces of grass may come off, so be sure to check so you can clean them up
  • The artificial grass will take some time to dry
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