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Best Dog Nail Grinders


One thing that most dog owners can agree on: Dogs often go nuts at the sight of nail clippers.

Accidentally cutting your dog’s nail to the quick can leave a bad impression to your pup. These instances do not only make your best-friend uneasy, but the sight of blood might make you fidgety as well! Luckily, nail grinders are here to the rescue.

The best nail grinders are better and safer than the typical dog nail clippers, so I spent over 48 hours scouring the internet looking for the best dog nail grinder in the business.

4 Things That Make The Best Pet Nail Grinder

Before making the big purchase on a nail grinder for your furry companion, check out these important factors to guide you on buying a grinder that fits your needs.

  • Corded vs. Wireless Grinders

Cordless nail grinders are ideal for people who are always on-the-go, it’s also hassle-free. However, you do have to take into consideration the battery charging time. Corded grinders are good for pet owners who have outlets nearby when grooming.

  • Safety Guards

Look for tools that come in with built-in safety guards. There are nail grinder brands that have safety guards to prevent you from cutting your pet’s nail too much.

  • Noise

The noise level and vibration produced are important. Think of the dog’s perspective rather than your own. Look for nail grinders that have inaudible noise and low vibration, a whisper-quiet operation makes your pup comfortable.

  • Speed settings

A two-speed option gives you the best of both worlds. A slow setting is recommended for pets with clipper anxiety while higher settings are for pets with thicker claws that need the power to get the job done.

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Dog Nail Clipper vs. Grinder

Veterinarians and groomers have started to embrace grinding as a means of maintaining a dog’s hygiene. Nail clippers are ideal for dog owners who want an inaudible and procedure at an affordable price.

It doesn’t need electricity or battery to work, which is a cost-effective measure. However, it may lead to pain if you unintentionally squeezed your companion’s quick. It may cause your dog’s nail to break.

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A professional nail grinder, on the other hand, delivers smooth and rounded nails, which makes it ideal for sharp edges. It’s perfect for your four-legged friend who suffers from nail clipper anxiety.

While the possibility of hitting the quick is still there, you can instantly check on it. A dog claw grinder is a perfect tool to use for large and dense nails that are tough to trim.

How To Use a Dog Claw Grinder

Nail Grinders are generally the same across a variety of models, getting familiar with one model enables you to get the fundamentals down for other grinders.

  • Acquaint yourself with your pet’s anatomy. This is to prevent you from getting too near to your pup’s blood vessels, which leads to pain.
  • First-time users of grinders should always start slow until you get used to the process and more confident with the movement.
  • Don’t start right away, make your pooch familiar with your grinder. Reinforce it with treats to give a positive impression to your furry friend. This lessens your dog’s jitteriness.
  • Some grinders tend to heat up fast. If you’re experiencing the same concern, take ten to twenty-second breaks to let it cool down.

Dog Nail Grinder Reviews

After spending hours looking for the best dog nail grinder on the planet, I’ve ended up with the Top 6 best nail grinder for dogs in their own respective section. Check them out below!

Overall Best Grinder for Dog Nails:

Dremel 7300-PT Dog & Cat Nail Grinder Kit

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Dremel has made a mark in the pet grooming industry for its high-end service and quality products. In fact, Dremel is often the go-to brand for professionals and even revered to as the alternative word for grinder.

One of the reasons why I can confidently say that this is probably the best pet nail grinder I’ve come across to date is because of its light and efficient volt power. It holds about approximately 4.8 volts, giving it the needed balance for power and performance.

Tools I’ve used before has too much power, scaring my furry companion along in the process. However, when it’s too low, it lacks the needed power to plow through the job.

Dremel, being the innovative leader in the industry, released Dremel 7300-PT Dog & Cat Nail Grinder Kit to get the job done, enabling you to get the job without any hassle.

It comes with two-speed options: 6,500 and 13,000 RPM. It allows you to trim at a level your pet comfy with. Your speed level may greatly vary on your companion’s disposition and condition of the nails.

Dremel 7300-PT Dog & Cat Nail Grinder Kit is an ideal tool if you want precision and control; it’s easy to change the speed settings from high to low.

In terms of safety, you have nothing to stress about. You won’t grind your pet’s nails too deeply as this has a smooth and gentle movement, giving you full control.

Another thing that’s impressive is its detachable battery pack. It’s cordless, making it a perfect companion to bring along with you in your travels. It has a long battery life, lasting up to several nail trimming sessions.

Its consistency is amazing when the tool’s fully charged, so the wait for its 3-hour charging time is worth it. A LED light will prompt when you put the charger in, telling you the battery is in place.

Dremel 7300-PT Dog & Cat Nail Grinder Kit is compatible with other accessories as well, such as sanding bands, battery packs, and battery charger. As an added bonus, Dremel was kind enough to include sanding bags along with the kit.

There are a total of six sanding bags used to polish your dog’s nails. These bands are disposable, but each one lasts a while before it’s no longer usable.

In the kit, it only comes with one drum. However, this isn’t any major problem as you’d only need one to successfully put the band over it. Just set the band up, and you’re good to go.

Key Features:

  • Two-speed setting for precision and control
  • Compatible with other Dremel accessories
  • Ergonomic design for ease of use
  • Pet-friendly Nail Grooming Tool

Dog Nail Grinder with Light:

Furminator Nail Grinder

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Furminator Nail Grinder has two strong features: lightweight and portable. It’s impressive how Furminator was able to keep these features without compensating the grinder’s consistency.

It’s not only attractive to the eyes, but it’s also ergonomically designed. This gives you a nudge of assurance that your pup’s completely safe with Furminator Nail Grinder.

It comes with a see-through plastic sleeve, this saves you the effort of cleaning the floor after usage. This tool is also gentle and quiet, making it easier for first-timers to trim their companion’s nails.

It runs on alkaline batteries, you do get the batteries and extra grinding bands along with the product, which is a nice touch.

For guidance, there’s a nifty LED light that tells you how much of your companion’s nail you have to grind, making sure you don’t overdo it.

Key Features

  • Lightweight and portable
  • Ergonomically designed tool
  • LED light prompt
  • See-through plastic sleeve

Quietest Dog Nail Grinder:

Oster Gentle Paws Premium Nail Grinder

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What sets Oster Gentle Paws Premium Nail Grinder from most nail grinders is its two-speed option, giving you a precise grinding accuracy.

Adjusting its speed is quick and easy, providing control and precision. This tool comes with a whisper-quiet motor, making it a stress-free experience for your noise-sensitive best-friend.

Safety first – this comes with a built-in safety guard. It’s completely adjustable, so you won’t have to worry about grinding your companion’s nails too much.

Oster’s safety guard has two roles, this also holds the filling to keep you from making a mess in the grinding process.

It’s battery-powered, allowing you to work without the hassles of cords. This also means it’s portable, you can trim your pup’s nails anywhere you feel comfortable.

This is user-friendly, so beginners can rest easy. You have the power to choose the safety guard compatible to your pet’s nail to start filing. This process only takes a couple of seconds to do.

Key Features

  • Variable Two-Speed Option
  • Built-in Safety Guard
  • Battery-powered, Cordless Grinder
  • Whisper-Quiet Nail Grinder

Best Electric Dog Nail Grinder:

URPOWER Pet Nail Grinder

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URPOWER has made a mark in the pet grooming industry, it wasn’t a surprise that the URPOWER Pet Nail Grinder is popular for its precision and quality.

Two qualities that stick out to URPOWER Pet Nail Grinder is its power and lightweight design, making it both a perfect fit for professional and home pet grooming.

It comes in strong with its diamond grinder, making it safer for nail trimming. Its motor is inaudible as to make your pet at ease with the grinding process.

Along with the package, this has three connectors for size compatibility. Conveniently choose the connector that suits best for your furry companion for efficiency.

It has a fast charging time, which only takes two hours. Once fully charged, it can last for a number of nail trimming sessions. This is an ergonomically designed pet grinder with a soft touch grip.

Key Features:

  • Lightweight tool for portability
  • Fast charging time
  • Mute technology
  • Soft touch grip design

Best Nail Grinder for Small Dogs:

Hertzko Nail Grinder

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Hertzko Nail Grinder gives you 3 size openings, so you can use this on all dog sizes. It has a mute motor, which only gives almost inaudible noise level to put your dog at ease. The grinder’s vibration level is low, so that’s another bonus.

This utilizes Diamond Bit Grinder, making it more effective than the traditional clippers. You won’t accidentally end up trimming the nails too short, causing pain or drawing blood.

You have 3 size openings, making it ideal for small and medium doggies. If you own a larger breed of dog, just swiftly get rid of the cover.

It only takes a couple of minutes to clean, so after-care isn’t a problem. Its USB wire makes this nail grinder fit for always on-the-go dog owners.

Hertzko Nail Grinder is compatible with all types of pets, whether it may be dogs, cats, rabbits, and even birds!

Key Features:

  • Low vibration level
  • Three size openings for compatibility
  • Ideal for small to medium dogs
  • Portable USB wire

Best Pet Nail Grinder for Large Dogs:

Wahls Ultimate Professional Nail Grinder

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This is THE professional dog nail grinder just like what the name suggests, it can take on the nails of large dogs effortlessly. It has a variable speed going up to a whopping 13,000 RPM, delivering consistency and precision in every session.

Despite its power, Wahls Ultimate Professional Nail Grinder is surprisingly lightweight, and it’s ergonomically designed for comfort. You can grip the tool comfortably for added control.

Along with its nail grinder attachment, it comes with large and small sanding drums, each drum is provided with three sanding wheels.

It has a power cord and charger, high-quality case for storage, an easy-to-understand manual, and wrench.

Key Features:

  • 13,000 RPM Variable Speed
  • Ideal for large dogs
  • Completely Maintenance Free
  • Ergonomic finger grips

Professional Dog Nail Grinder Tips & Tricks

I’ve listed down some neat tips and tricks I use for follow results.

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  • Relax

First-timers shouldn’t be agitated as it makes your dog tense as well. Get comfortable in your position, it keeps your dog at ease and happy.

  • Trim the hair

Start with your pooch’s hair around his nail, it’ll prevent your tool from getting wedged in other mechanisms for a hassle-free grinding.

  • Noise Check

Make sure your pup is comfortable with the noise level of your dog toe nail grinder. If they don’t react negatively to the noise, you may proceed with the process.

  • Don’t rush

Take all the time needed on each nail to get the best result.

  • One nail at a time

Make sure your dog’s nail is smooth and finished before you jump onto the next nail. Going back and forth only confuses your pooch.

  • Take breaks

If you’ve noticed your dog’s uneasy with the grinding process, take breaks as needed. Give treats in between breaks for a good job, and once your companion is back to its normal state, continue grinding.

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