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Best Dog Lift Harness


Dog lifting harnesses are one of the tools that we can use for our pet’s rehabilitation when we decide to nurse our precious pooches ourselves. Hip dysplasia and arthritis are some of the common conditions that dogs get through their lives. Injuries and other medical conditions that keep them from moving freely, are also scenarios where your pet would need this gear.

Lift harnesses for dogs have specially-designed straps that secures your pooch in place, while the handles help you support them when they need to move.

What type of Harness Should You Get?

There are three main types of dog harnesses for mobility assistance, and these are: Full-body harness, Rear-lift Harness, and the Sling Support. We’ll discuss what their constructions are and the benefits they will bring to your dog, so you can determine which type is the best you need.

Full-Body Harnesses

This type of harness supports the whole body of your dog. They are usually equipped with thick and padded straps that would go around your dog’s belly, as well as around both pairs of their legs. This enables you to give support to both ends of their bodies. They are great for carrying disabled or senior dogs up onto stairs, vehicles, or platforms.

A full body dog harness is also great support for rehabilitation. If you need to keep them in motion while they move through their exercises, this harness usually have a handle included on both ends so you can hold them up while they move.

If you have a dog with spinal problems and would need to be carried often, then this harness is the essential choice.

Rear-Lift Harnesses

They are also called a “back harness” for dogs, since they support their rear bodies. Theseare the type of harnesses that wraps around their hind legs and hips.

A rear harness helps dogs with weak or injured back legs, lips, or even dogs who are handicapped. Dogs with back problems passed down to them through genetics or acquired through an injury can also greatly benefit from a rear-lift harness.

Sling Support

These are usually made with a wide band of flexible material with padding. It is then placed under the dog’s belly or chest and lifted through the handles available on both its ends.

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The Sling Support is mostly used for lifting support for injured or dogs in rehabilitation, or when they need to go up or down the stairs or elevated platforms. These are not suitable for extended wear since it is only used when you need it. But it does have clasps so you can strap it in for security and you won’t worry about your dog slipping out of it while on the move.

Dog belly harnesses are a hybrid-style of harness, mixing a rear-lift and a sling harness. They have wide padded slings that goes underneath their bellies for a comfortable lift. This is also an appropriate harness for dogs with weak hind legs, since it supports their rear half. Dog belly harnesses are often equipped with handles and clip attachments and can be worn for longer hours.

Other points to consider are the following:

Adjustability and Weight

Full-body and rear-lift harnesses should be lightweight and adjustable, since they are primarily used to carry or lift dogs. These features keep your dog safe from sliding off and comfortably inside the harness for extended hours.

Padding and Construction

By getting a lifting harness with extra padding and smooth materials, it will be a comfy wear for your dog and prevent any chafing happening on your dog’s skin. Reflective fabric is also a neat addition that some harnesses provide for visibility.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do you use a lift harness?

There are handles available on any lift harness that is made from wide, padded straps. They are located at the back of the harness. You can use this – or in the case of sling harnesses, their long handles that you can hold on to if you only lift your dog slightly. These long handles are perfect for helping your dog onto a platform without carrying their whole body

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How long can you leave a dog wearing the lift harness?

Some lift harnesses can be left on for 24 hours. But take them off occasionally for cleaning and maintenance, or if it irritates your dog and is impatient to get it off.

Can they go potty while wearing a lift harness?

Yes, lift harnesses are open enough that they can go potty freely. Although some lift harnesses include a padding that covers your dog’s genitalia that would have to be removed if they need to urinate.

How do you clean a lift harness?

Make sure to follow the instructions of the brand’s recommended way of cleaning the product. Most of them are machine-washable though, but some would need to be air-dried rather than machine-dried.

After giving you important points on the types of lifting harnesses for dogs and their uses, we present to you our list of the best ones in the market:

The best dog lift harnesses for 2019 with reviews

Best Full-Body Dog Lift Harness – Petsafe Solvit Carelift Harness

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For a full-body dog harness that is secure and adjustable, then the Petsafe Solvit Carelift Harness is the best choice. This versatile harness can be detached to support only their front legs or rear if needed. Solvit even has a small to large sizes available, suitable for all dog breeds and sizes.

Their adjustable harnesses are great for growing dogs or if even your dog would lose or gain weight. They also have wide handles that can fit an adult’s hand comfortably on both the rear and hind parts. These are also rubberized for a comfortable carry or lift. It even has a removable protective padding in the belly area for male and female dogs.

The Petsafe Solvit Carelift Harness is also machine washable, except for the protective panel which should be cleaned separately.


  • Full-body harness with detachable properties for rear- or hind-only use
  • Provides whole body support for old, injured, or disabled dogs
  • Includes detachable protector panels for male and female dogs
  • Machine washable parts
  • Available in various sizes for different dog breeds
  • Full-body harness can be worn for long periods of time


  • Rear harness should not be left on for long-term as they may cause rubbing
  • Will have a lot of parts to assemble and may be confusing at first

Best Rear-Lift Dog Harness – GingerLead Support Rehabilitation Harness

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The GingerLead Support Rehabilitation Harness is a padded sling/rear-lift dog harness that is comfortable and easy to use. It has a construction that can keep its shape even when your dog is being rowdy, so it gives your dog’s belly a full support. It also has a leash included, attached to the sling and handle for maximum security.

The padding of this sling harness is made with machine-washable materials for easy maintenance. The company also provide a chest harness, if needed, for additional support. The GingerLead Support Rehabilitation Harness is perfect for assisting injured, old, or disabled dogs to and from places, like your vehicle, stairs, or if they need to relieve themselves.

GinglerLead also provides a wide range of sizes and even has specific construction for female dogs.


  • Adjustable straps and leads comfortable for dogs and humans
  • Available in an array of sizes and construction for different breeds and sex
  • Soft and stiff support pad that maintains its shape
  • Detachable lead that connects to their collar and handle
  • Can be transformed to a “stay-on” harness
  • Perfect for dogs with rear or spine problems


  • Will need to be removed when your dog needs to relieve themselves
  • Size and handle length vary, so you need to make sure of the size

Dog Lift Harness with Best Body Support – Coodeo Rehabilitation Sling Harness

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The Coodeo Rehabilitation Sling Vest Harness is a comfortable and almost a full-body vest that provides the ultimate support for your dog. The vest wraps around the whole of your dog’s front, with long handles that attach to both sides of the vest that you can hold. Since they support a large part of their body, it reduces stress significantly and provides stability to senior and disabled dogs.

This particular vest is made from padded and breathable materials, so your dog can wear this for long periods of time. It includes a detachable belt that you can tighten to fit your dog better. It also leaves the rear part open, so your dog won’t have any hindrance when it needs to go to the bathroom. This also makes it suitable for female and male dogs. It is secure and safe, with the vest going around the body to prevent your dog from slipping out of it.

The Coodeo Rehabilitation Harness is machine washable and can be dried naturally.


  • Great for senior dogs with joint and bone problems
  • Breathable and padded for ultimate comfort
  • Suitable for male and female dogs
  • Reliable and secure when needed for mobility support
  • Easy to clean materials
  • Can be used for dogs with weak back or front legs
  • Available in multiple sizes
  • Adjustable and has long handles for human comfort


  • Not for dog with permanent injuries
  • Vest will sometimes go over the stomach and genital area, so you need to choose your dog’s exact size.

Best Sling-Lift Dog Harness for Large and Extra-Large Dogs – Fur E. Frenz Sling Lift Harness

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For a sling-lift harness large enough for your massive canine, then the Fur E. Frenz Harness is the choice for you and your dog. It offers a large, padded, and wide sling to go under your dog’s belly or chest easily without any bunching up. The sling itself can be closed up if needed, with long handles available to give support when they need lifting.

The Fur E. Frenz Sling Lift Harness is available in large and extra-large sizes only. So you won’t have to worry about getting the right fit for your German Shepard or Saint Bernard. The straps included in this set is also adjustable to fit your arms’ reach that makes it comfortable supporting your dogs.

This sling lift is great for supporting dogs with weak or injured hind legs, or other bone and joint issues like hip dysplasia. They are also great for supporting your dog while they are on rehabilitation.


  • Great sling harness for injured or dogs in rehabilitation
  • Size available for large to extra-large dogs
  • Includes a wrap-around harness and adjustable straps
  • Machine washable and dries naturally
  • Perfect for assisting elderly dogs
  • Comfortable, padded, and breathable sling wrap


  • Sling may slip and bunch up if measured wrongly
  • May only be able to assist walking or movement and not for lifting and carrying

Best Dog Lift Harness for Small to Medium Dogs – Pet Friendz Sling Lift Harness

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The Pet Friendz Sling Lift Harness is the best harness for dachshund with back problems, or any small toy dogs that need mobility support. It is made with breathable and padded materials for ultimate comfort, as well as adjustable sections to fit it perfectly around your precious pooch.

The adjustable sling and straps are also beneficial for owners so they can have a handle that would match their height. You won’t need to stoop low to be able to lift your dog when they need help.

The Pet Friendz Sling Lift Harness is not only good for recovery and rehabilitation, but also for supporting senior dogs. It also has handles that help humans carry their dogs with ease.


  • Great support harness for senior dogs
  • Perfect for recovery and rehabilitation
  • Adjustable straps and handles for both humans’ and dogs’ comfort
  • Does not hinder your dog’s genitals when they need to pee or poop
  • Made with padded and breathable materials


  • May slide around if not fitted properly
  • Great for lifting and mobility support, but not for carrying

We hope that our recommendations and reviews for the best dog harnesses in the market for 2019 will finally lead you in making a decision for you and your dog’s well-being. If you have a dog that is injured and need help with mobility, or a dog that simply has its age caught up to them, then these high-quality harnesses are the equipment that will help you and your dog have a more comfortable day-to-day experience.

If you are interested in other types of harnesses, then try reading our article for no-pull dog harnesses or escape-proof dog harnesses.

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