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Best Dog Harness for Running


Running and jogging with our dogs are a few of the most enjoyable bonding activities that an owner and pet can experience. Not only is it a great way to develop your relationship with your dog, it is also a fantastic method to exercise along with your pet!

Dogs love running and just being in an open space, free to do whatever they want. But as owners, we always put their safety as a top priority when they are out and about without constant supervision. That’s why dog harnesses fit for running is one of the best types of gear that you could give your active pet.

They provide a lot of comfort and security measures that a simple collar doesn’t have, like a padded vest to prevent your dog from choking if they’re on their lead, durable rings to clip their leash on, and even lifting handles if you enjoy running on rough terrain with your dog.

But what kind of harness should you have your dog wear for outdoor running? Worry not, because we have a guide to the how’s and whys to choosing the best harness for outdoor activities with your dog! Read on to find out more:

What Features to Look for in a Dog Harness for Running/Jogging?

Right Size for Dog Build

Dogs are generally very excited about the prospect of being outdoors. And because they move around a lot while they’re exploring, they should be comfortable in their harness.

Even though harnesses have adjustable buckles, it doesn’t guarantee that they would fit the build of your dog. So you have to check if the brand’s website or page has a size chart available. You can then refer to this chart for the best harness to fit their specific build.

The main body parts that should be checked should be their necks and chests, but some brands use weight as a guide for sizes.


A running harness should have buckles to prevent it from slipping and sliding around their bodies. They should not be too tight so they can have enough freedom for movement. Like checking the size for their build, a running harness for dogs should not be restrictive so your pet can run and play comfortably.

The buckles should also be secure enough that it won’t loosen up while your dog is running.


Although there are still harnesses that are made of straps only, there are already some that include more padding for comfort. An effective harness for dogs with an active lifestyle should be made up of smooth materials that won’t chafe or irritate their skin – this stands for both padded and strap-only harnesses.

Breathable mesh padding is also a huge plus, so that the harness still has good ventilation even with its thickness. Thick harnesses are also great to conserve heat when your dog is out and exposed to a cold environment.


Durability is also a feature that you should definitely consider. If you and your dog love running or jogging through forests and rocky terrain, their harness should be able to withstand scratches and snags through these landscapes.

Dogs may also chew on their harness if they are still new to wearing it, so if they accidentally get a hold of it, the harness should be sturdy enough to withstand a few gnawing here and there.

Reflectiveness and Visibility

A harness for hiking and long runs may leave you alone with only your dog as company during nighttime, so reflective materials are a huge plus for these types of situations. They not only help you find your dog easily in low light, but these will also keep them safe if you happen to run near roads or public places.

There are also a variety of colors and sizes that would help make your dog become more visible in any place. A contrasting color against your dog’s fur is a great harness for running, especially if you have a dog who has the habit of going off on you during runs and jogs in open areas.

Leash Attachments for Jogging/Running

Leashes can be connected to your dog’s harness in a variety of ways. A harness can have a front-clip attachment, a back-clip attachment, or even both. Front-clips are used primarily for leash training, while back clips are great for both training and outdoor activities.

If you want to keep your dog safe and close with a leash, but have limitations for both your hands, then you can consider using Hands-Free Leashes. These are leads that wrap around your waist and is connected to your dog’s harness. This keeps both of your hands free while on a run, jog, or hike with your pet.

Running or jogging without a leash, on the other hand, requires a lot of training and confidence for both you and your dog. Make sure that they will come to you by command and are not easily distracted.

Can All Dogs Run with You?

Exercising with your dog is fun and beneficial for you both. But there are points to remember when running with specific breeds. You should allow your dog’s bones to grow and strengthen before taking them out for long runs and jogs

Here are a few reminders for running with your dogs:

  1. Different dog breeds don’t grow into their bones at the same time. You need to at least wait for 1 to 2 years before taking larger breeds out on a run, and small breeds for 8 months to a year. Average sized dogs, on the other hand can go for a run with you after 1 to 1 ½ years.
  2. Puppies have a great amount of energy and attitude. But their bones at this age is still not strong enough for heavy exercise. Playing with other dogs and humans are more appropriate at this age.
  3. If you want a second opinion when running with you dog, check your veterinarian for advice.

Best Dog Harnesses for Running with Your Dog

May we present to you our top picks on the best dog harnesses for running:

Most Secure Dog Harness for Active Dogs – RUFFWEAR Web Master Harness

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The RUFFWEAR Web Master Harness is aptly named with its numerous straps located along its body. Not only does it have a chest and shoulder straps, it also has a padded back strap and one more strap that wraps under the belly. This ensures superior stability and will not fall off or slip from your dog, no matter what activity they are doing.

This harness is great for leash-free walks and runs with your dog. It has a D-ring and webbing loop on its back for leash attachment, as well as a handle for lifting and carrying if your dog is having trouble going up on elevated places. The RUFFWEAR Web Master Harness is also great for leash-free hiking and treks with its comfortable padded vest with breathable mesh. Its straps are padded as well, so it won’t rub and chafe on your dog’s skin even with extended use.


  • Numerous straps for stability and security
  • 5 points of adjustment for snug fit
  • 2 leash attachments on the back
  • Comfortable padded vest for chafe prevention
  • Lifting handle for carrying dogs
  • Additional belly-strap for escape-proof harness


  • Fitting might be difficult for dogs who have trouble sitting still
  • Might be too heavy and stiff for some dogs, not suitable for senior dogs

Most Heavy-Duty and Anti-Twist Dog Harness – URPOWER Dog Harness

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If you and your dog love running fast and quick on various terrains, then the URPOWER is a great harness to use. It is made from thick nylon-layered straps and PVC cotton padding for comfort and rubbing prevention.

Since this is only a strap harness, it has room for wide movements around the shoulders and chest for those big jumps and leaps active dogs love to do. The strap also has two ends on the top equipped with metal D-rings. Clip your leash to both of these rings for a secure hold on your dog. A snap clasp is available for to make it easy to take off and wear.

The bright color is great for visibility and reflective properties for no-leash, nighttime runs.


  • Thick, padded straps for extra comfort and durability
  • Wide shoulder openings for big movements
  • Double D-rings for secure hold and anti-twist property
  • Durable nylon straps for outdoor use
  • Snap clasp to make it easy to put on and take off
  • Reflective orange color and stylish black stitching


  • May not have a size for extra-large or extra-small dogs
  • Might be hard to adjust if owner is not used to harnesses

Best All-Weather Dog Harness for Outdoor Use – Kurgo Journey Everyday Adventure Harness

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If you love running daily with your dog, the Kurgo provides an all-weather solution to every day outdoor activities with your dog. It is made with a wide, padded vest that goes along the back and on the chest that can even go further under the belly. This ensures a comfy and secure hold on the dog, with fabric that prevents chaffing even with vigorous movement.

The straps are equipped with adjustable buckles, an aluminum leash attachment on the back, as well as a durable plastic front leash attachment. So you can run with your dog with or without a lead attached. It even has a nylon strap handle for lifting or carrying your dog.


  • Wide, padded vest for comfort and breathability
  • Can also be used for hiking and other outdoor activities
  • Snap buckles makes wearing and taking off quick and easy
  • Wide shoulder openings for freedom of movement
  • Nylon strap handle for lifting and carrying your dog
  • Front- and Back-Clip attachments for leashed and no-leash runs


  • Might be too heavy for certain dog breeds
  • Can be difficult to put on dogs that aren’t used to it

Best Dog Harness for Summer Activities – ANWA Vest Harness

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The ANWA Dog Harness is made with durable, lightweight, and extremely breathable materials that are perfectly suitable for running in hot weather. Its padded sections are also extremely durable with adjustable straps that connect them to each other, that also ensures that it is not tight enough that it would choke or chafe your dog. It provides a snap clasp for easy removal, as well as a front- and a back-clip attachment for running with a leash on.

It even has an easy-hold handle attached to its back to make it easy to control your dog, whether for training or if they become too excited while on a walk. The ANWA Dog Harness is also equipped with reflective fabric strips for visibility at night.


  • Breathable, lightweight, and uber comfortable
  • Numerous adjustable buckles for security
  • Padded sections for added comfort and prevent chaffing
  • Two clip attachments and easy-hold handle on top
  • Great for running in warm climates or during the summer season
  • Versatile harness for all types of outdoor activities


  • Grip handle may snag on something if dog is left unsupervised
  • Must make sure of the size especially for small or larger dogs

Best No-Leash Running Vest for Training – RUFFWEAR Front-Range Harness

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The RUFFWEAR Front-Range Harness is great for training since they included an ID pocket for dog tags. If you are training your dog to stay with you during your runs or jogs, this harness is extremely useful if you ever lose control of your dog when you don’t have a leash on them. It will essentially replace your dog’s collar with its benefits.

Aside from that, the RUFFWEAR Front-Range Harness also has a front-clip attachment for on-leash training as well. It also has a back-ring attachment point if you prefer the standard way of walking your dog. The padded sections are located along the back and under their bellies for ultimate comfort and long-term wear. It might look clunky, but its design actually offers a wide range of movement for running, jogging, hiking, and other outdoor activities.


  • ID pocket for dog tags for added safety measure
  • Wide openings for freedom of movement during runs
  • Great for trained and untrained dogs
  • Has two attachment rings on the front and back
  • Breathable, padded vest for outdoor use


  • Can be quite slippery and might slip off your dog if not fitted properly
  • Front strap attachment for leash may be too weak for extra strong dogs

Fitting our dog with our lifestyle is sometimes so frustrating. And the main purpose of this article is to give you guidance and recommendations for picking out the best harness that you can give your dog for that comfortable and fun run with you!  If you love hiking and walking more with your dog, then check out our articles on the best harness for hiking and walking.

Just a gentle reminder: Make sure to train your dog first for outdoor runs – especially if you’re planning on not getting them a leash – before venturing out into the world!

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