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Best Dog Grooming Scissors & Shears


If you’re looking into a professional career in the dog grooming industry, then you to need start looking into the best dog grooming scissors that come highly recommended by professionals and amateurs alike.

Much like seasoned hairstylists and barbers, a set of top-rated, highly efficient, and long-lasting grooming scissors are the best partners you can have throughout your career. If you’re just starting out, then its best if you read on through our Guide to Professional Dog Grooming Shears. For licensed dog groomers who may be looking for this year’s best pet grooming scissors, then we have our recommendations and reviews on the bottom of this article.

Types of Dog Grooming Shears

There are a variety of pet grooming scissors that are specially-made to be effective and prioritize animal’s safety. Dog safety scissors with rounded tips and locking mechanisms are some improvements added as extra safety measures. Unlike a human’s head, dogs come in a wider range of shapes and sizes that would need special care and attention while grooming.

That’s why we’ve broken down the most basic types of dog grooming scissors, their use, and what size you should include in your professional dog grooming shear kits.

Straight Dog Grooming Scissors

Particular Use

From the name itself, these types of grooming scissors have a straight form with extremely pointed tips. They are used to make clean and precise cuts, so they are used more in making small cuts and snipping through matter or entangled fur. Since they make straightforward cuts, the dog’s coat will look jagged if an owner will use it for trimming because it will leave noticeable lines from where the cut has been made. But they are great for tidying up corners and crooks that need small and neat cuts. But on special cases like Afghan Hounds and long-haired terriers, whose coats are wonderful to look at straight and long, straight grooming scissors are largely needed to keep a symmetrical and smooth cut.

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Straight grooming scissors are best used and usually utilized to trim fur around the eye area of your dog, to reduce the fur in between their paws, or for shaping their tails. It’s pointed tip makes it easy to slip into corners to make cuts that are unnoticeable but necessary to clean up your dog’s fur.

What size to use

Straight dog grooming scissors range anywhere from the shortest (5.5 inches) to the longest available size (9 inches). Every size has their own uses and benefits. Small straight grooming scissors are useful for removing or trimming small portions of fur, like ear tips, feet, and around the eyes.

Medium-sized scissors, with lengths from 7 to 7.5 inches on the other hand, are the most used type of straight grooming shears and should definitely be in your repertoire. They are used for finishing up a grooming session, to trim any stray or overlooked hair.

Large-sized scissors, on the other hand, come in two blade widths: wide and slim. Wide blades are great for cutting off chunks of fur, while slim blades are perfect for adding shape to your dog’s coat. Large dog grooming scissors are quite heavy and could be a disadvantage to the user. So be sure to practice on large-sized scissors if you feel the need to have one.

Curved Dog Grooming Shears

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Particular Use

Although curved dog grooming scissors are also available in a wide range of sizes, their uses can depend solely on the comfort of the groomer and the size of the dog to be groomed.

All curved grooming scissors have the same purpose, and that is to follow the natural shape of your dog’s coat. You can keep the curve of a dog’s rounded paws or the fur on the back of their legs with these types of shears. In the case of dogs with unique coats, like Poodles and Huskies, curved scissors are the best tool to keep their unique rounded edges clean and beautiful.

What size to use

If you specialize grooming small to medium-sized dogs, then a small pair of curved shears are enough for you. Large dogs will be easier to manage with curved scissors that has longer arcs.

Getting used to curved scissors will take time. You must remember that it only curves to one side and must be used according to the shape of what you are cutting. You don’t want to make a mistake and change sides and get an uneven curve.

And since dogs aren’t just straight lines, the curved shears will become your best friend throughout your professional dog grooming career. They will be essential to absolutely every part of the grooming process.

Thinning Dog Grooming Shears

Particular Use

As the name suggests, Thinning Shears are used to thin out small amounts of hair at a time. The blades of this particular shears are spaced out, so it will only cut a few strands even with sharp blades. This is beneficial for groomers – professional or not – who are not sure how much they still need to trim, especially around the face of a dog. Thinning Shears are also great for matted fur, getting the matted chunks away but still leaving out a fair amount that is still manageable.

Thinning Shears are also used to create a natural-looking fur, unlike straight or curved shears that cut out a recognizable shape that is not usual for dogs. If you want a cleaner, but still natural look for the dog, thinning shears are the way to go.

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What type to use

There are two types of thinning shears you can choose from (Single-Serrated and Double-Serrated), and three types of tooth pitches (fine, medium, and coarse).

Single-Serrated vs. Double-Serrated. You can use either depending on the amount of hair you’d like to cut out. Single-Serrated Blades will take more out, since it contains one normal blade. Double-Serrated on the other hand will be more time-consuming, but it ensures that you can have an even, natural-looking cut as the output.

Tooth Pitches. Fine toothed scissors are only available in a single-serrated version. This type will take out more chunks of hair and is perfect for fine, silky fur. Medium and Coarse toothed scissors are both available in serrated and double-serrated versions. The medium-toothed shears are perfect for beginners since they are suited for cutting medium-thick coats. The coarse-toothed scissors are to be used for heavier and denser coats. 

Other features that you should consider:

After we’ve established the types of professional dog grooming scissors that you would need for your career, here’s some other things to consider when picking out the scissors that would suit you best.


There are three types of materials used to create professional dog grooming scissors. They are the following: Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, and High-Cobalt Stainless Steel. All of them have their own pros and cons.

Carbon Steel dog grooming scissors may be the effective and the most inexpensive, but they are prone to rust and would need regular maintenance. They are lightweight as well, so if you don’t like the heft of other types of scissors, then these may fit you well. Stainless Steel blades are the most used by professionals, since they are easy to handle, long-lasting, and are definitely worth their price. High-Cobalt Stainless Steel are seen to be the top rated professional dog grooming scissors in the market. They are lightweight, provides smooth cuts, durable, and is gentle to the hair. But they can be quite expensive, so if you don’t plan on using it so much, they might not be worth the money.


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You might think that handles aren’t an important part of the scissors, but if you spend long hours daily in virtually the same position, then you should definitely consider splurging on shears with ergonomic handles. Getting dog grooming shears with special handles will help lessen the strain on your hands and wrists so you can last long as a dog groomer.

Symmetric Handles have the same-sized finger holes on both sides. These put the most strain on your fingers and will not give you any comfort in the long run. Offset Handles have finger holes with uneven lengths, where the thumb hole is shorter than the other. This lessens the strain on the thumb but will still need and elevated elbow to use. Crane Handles are scissors with angled handles. They are particularly comfortable to hold and will not strain your hands and arms while using them.

A Whole Kit or Individual Shears?

There is no correct way to answer this question. A kit is a great way to get the essentials in one go, but there are professionals who use a variety of brands in their repertoire. It is primarily because through time, professional dog groomers will eventually find the perfect tool to use. And more often than not, they find it through various trials and errors, usually by trying out a variety of brands and scissors types.

But there are benefits to a kit. If you’re a beginner and wanting to have an inexpensive set of scissors that you can use for practice, then a kit is the way to go. You can have the basic tools at hand so you can practice handling each tool just so you are ready and off to get a more reliable, individual scissors that you can use for a professional career. Then again, if you have one brand which you have experienced using and offering a kit that has all the tools you love, then there’s no harm in trying them out.

Now that you’re all set to getting your professional dog grooming scissors, here’s our professional dog grooming scissors reviews and recommendations that you might want to check out for reference:

Top 5 List of Dog Grooming Shears for Professionals

Best Straight Shears for Professionals – Andis Straight Professional Shears

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Andis’ Straight Professional Shears are one of the best beginners and professional dog grooming scissors in the market. This particular product is 7 inches in length and are perfect for all dog sizes. The blades are stainless steel and has rubber-coated handles for comfort.


  • Long-lasting, durable stainless-steel blade
  • Comfortable rubber grip for control
  • 7-inch dog grooming scissors for all dog sizes
  • Great for trimming thin to dense coats


  • Symmetric handles may cause strain
  • Short shank may not be suitable for wide cuts

Best Curved Shears for Professionals – Sharf Gold Touch Curved Grooming Shears

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The Sharf Gold Tough Dog Grooming Curved Scissors not only look beautiful, but also provides outstanding results! This specific grooming shears has a versatile 6.5 inches in length, making it perfect for small to large dogs, whether for trimming or shaping coats. Its 440c Japanese Stainless-Steel blades have a nice weight to them, making it easy to control and handle.


  • Versatile, durable, and long-lasting blades
  • Comfortable offset handle with locking mechanism for safety
  • 6.5 inches of sharp curved blade
  • Great for shaping a natural or unique look
  • Rubber handles for comfort


  • Very sharp and may need extreme caution when handling
  • Weight might not be comfortable at first use

Best Thinning Shears for Professionals – Purple Dragon Professional Thinning Shears

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For a cool-looking, coarse-type, single-serrated professional thinning shears, then look no further than the Purple Dragon chunker shear! This beautiful thinning dog grooming shears are perfect for thick and dense dog coats, ensuring that groomers can take out large chunks of hair but still make the cut look natural. It even has a crane handle and locking mechanism for a comfortable grip and safety.


  • 440C Grade Stainless-Steel for long-lasting durability
  • 8 inches of blade for medium to large dogs
  • Single-serrated chunker shear for getting out clumps of hair
  • Ergonomic, offset handle for ultimate comfort
  • Adjustable tension knob


  • Will need adjusting to if not used to the extra features
  • Has hefty weight but makes it easy to manipulate

Best Dog Grooming Kit for Professionals – RUBOLD Professional Dog Grooming Kit

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Experience an all-in-one professional dog grooming kit with the RUBOLD scissors set. This particular kit contains the necessities a seasoned groomer dreams to have. It has a pair of straight, curved, thinning scissors, as well as a cleaning cloth and sleek case.

All scissors included in this set has durable stainless-steel blades, all with crane handles, with rubber interior. The thinning shears in this kit is double-serrated, while the brush is best to help straighten out matted or entangled hair.


  • Complete set with durable and long-lasting materials
  • Shears have rounded tips for extra safety
  • All sizes range from 6-7 inches for small to medium-sized dogs
  • Has extra comb, cleaning cloth, and case
  • Ergonomic, crane handle for additional comfort


  • Not all tools may suit individual preferences
  • Very sharp and needs extra caution while handling

Best Dog Grooming Kit for Amateurs – Grimars Titanium Steel Grooming Kit

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If you’re looking for a complete dog grooming kit that is not so expensive, then the Grimars Titanium Steel Grooming Kit is the perfect choice. It has the basic types of shears you need with an additional cloth and case. The sizes are 7-inches in total, making it suitable for grooming medium to large dogs.

It even has an adorable pink-colored rubber interior handles, to give enough comfort for practice. This dog grooming kit is also great for owners who’d like to save some money from professional groomers and trim their dog’s fur themselves.


  • Titanium steel blades that lasts a long time
  • Cute, pink rubber interior handles
  • 7 inches of blade for medium to large dogs
  • Single-serrated thinning shears for getting out clumps of hair
  • Crane handle for wrist and arm support
  • Complete and inexpensive kit


  • Lightweight shears may need practice to be used comfortably
  • Not the best for professionals but awesome for amateurs

So those are our best dog grooming scissors of 2019. If you’d like to know more about professional dog grooming in general, check out our other articles about dog grooming clippers and dog nail grinders. Break into the world of professional dog grooming and have fun giving dogs the care that they deserve!

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