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Best Dog Grooming Clippers


Human needs haircut to improve our appearances beyond fashion, yet the dogs, our best buddy also need grooming to keep them in good condition. All dog owners and professional groomers should invest in a set of best dog grooming clippers no matter if you have budget constraint or going to start a grooming business because every dog deserves a well-grooming service to keep them comfortable. 

Professional grooming clippers allow you to trim comfortably yet the doggie could have a smooth and healthy coat. A good dog grooming kit is worth saving a lot of money and time in future. For all dog lovers, grooming dogs by yourself would always be a recommendation as it will strengthen the positive bond between you and your dogs.

Before you check out for any clippers, here are some buyers’ guide for your attention in choosing professional dog clipper sets. Either dog grooming kit or dog clipper set, clipper blade, motor rotation per minute, noise level, heat dissipation matter a lot because it will provide a different experience to you and your pets as an user. 

A dozen of reviews have been checked to find out the best clipper in the variety option of clippers. A summary of the top 5 professional grade clipper with their key features is listed below.

The things that matter to dog clippers – Guideline for choosing dog clippers

Before any decision being made for dog clippers, you may need to take note about a few key features. These features may give you an easy and smooth grooming jobs or frustrating trimming jobs. 

Kits or sets

Wahl clipper pet-Pro pet clipper kits, Andis clipper set, Oster pet clipper kits, Ceenwes dog clipper set and etc. You may find that many branded clipper either comes with kits or comes with sets. 

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In general, clipper kits often come along with a pair of clippers, and seldom with a few length attachments. However, clipper set comes with accessories, including cleaning oil, cleaning brush nail clipper, combs in different sizes. 

Clippers set could save you money as you do not need to buy the accessories separately, which is more suitable for beginners or home user. Besides that, buying in a set would ensure that the right tools match with your models of dog clipper. If you want the best quality and brand for each accessory, you may go for clipper kit. There is no “perfect clippers set” but there should be one that will suit your dog. 

Cord or cordless

You may think that cordless clipper suits you best, but bear in mind that both cord and cordless electrical clipper have their pros and cons. 

Cordless grooming clipper are easier for grooming as it can move around without restrictions. But it has limitation on the motor speed and battery’s lifetime. Using cordless clipper, maybe limited to the use on dogs which have short and medium length fur as it does not have sufficient power and has slower speed especially in low battery mode. A frequent charge is needed for longer grooming process. 

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If you have a dog with heavy coat, corded clipper will be your option. Corded clipper is more capable in handling dogs with heavy coat and has higher speed. The disadvantage of corded clipper is that your trimming process will be limited by the wire length. Plugs always need to be side by side to ensure the electrical supply. (I don’t get what he’s trying to say here)

Single-speed or variable speed dog clipper

Speed of dog clipper is measured by Rotation Per Minute or RPM and it determines the ease of grooming process. Dog grooming clipper comes with single speed or variable speed. 

Single-speed dog clipper most likely will be lighter and easier to handle. A single-speed clipper is recommended for novice user. Single-speed dog clippers are also preferred by those people who have dog breeds with medium or lesser coat. Another thing to consider about single-speed dog clipper is it takes longer time to heat up compared to variable-speed clipper.

Variable-speed grooming clipper is advanced users’ favorite because it could work through various fur thickness and fur condition. Tough matted knots, thick coarse fur will be easier as it could switch from base speed to a higher speed. A neater finished look could be done by using variable-speed clipper.

Noise level

If your dog is sensitive to loud noise, then a noiseless clipper would be your choice. Silent dog clipper can make an easier grooming experience for both of you and dog. Sensitive dog may easily get distressed of the loud noise and have bad impression for grooming which might make your grooming process harder. 

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Size & weight of the clippers

Advanced technology nowadays, has made the product lighter and thinner with multifunction. Lightweight and ergonomically designed clipper allows you to have an easier task, where you will enjoy using it too. But the lighter the clipper, the vibration will be more sensible especially when you are using it at the highest speed. You may want to try a clipper that is perfectly balanced between powerful motor and lightweight

Blades for clippers

Durable blade must be a key feature when choosing a dog clipper. Durable blade is more cost effective as you do not need to replace it often. The blade must be sharp to ease your trimming process and avoid your best furry friend getting hurt in the grooming process. Material wise, ceramic is the best blade as it does not conduct heat quickly. Ceramic blade is 75% cooler than metal blade which makes it perfectly use as commercial dog clipper blade for long grooming sessions. 

Top 5 best dog grooming clippers review in 2019

We have shortlisted top 5 best dog grooming clipper with their key features after reviewing a bunch of clippers. You could choose within these shortlisted clipper according to their unique key features.

Andis UltraEdge Super 2-Speed Dog Grooming Clipper

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Andis is a well-known brand in the grooming industry as it is one of the most trusted brand for dog clippers. This clipper comes with 2 speeds, low speed-3400 RPM and high speed-4400 RPM. This feature allows you to have a smooth grooming session and have more control on the trimming process. Its 14-inch heavy-duty cord which works perfectly on all coats and breeds especially, matted and thick coarse coated dog like Poodles, Irish Wolfhound, and Bichon Frise.

The best part of this clipper is that it has a detachable blade that allows ease of cleaning. The clipper is designed to fit with various blades such as Andis’ Ceramic Edge, Show Edge blade and also Oster A5 blade. Shatter-proof housing is designed for protecting the blade from damages caused by sudden drop.

Key features :-

  • 2 speed changeable designed 
  • Long heavy-duty cord for all coats and breed
  • Detachable blade for ease of cleaning
  • Fit for different brands and types blade
  • Shatter-proof housing for blade protection

Noise sensitive dog? The best silent dog grooming clipper 

Andis AGRV PowerGroom+ Clipper

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Andis AGRV PowerGroom+ clipper is the best rated heavy-duty clipper. It is a 5-speed model which is great for trimming different fur conditions and provide more control for the user. This clipper kit is a perfect fit for commercial use where long sessions of grooming is done.

The most impressive feature of this product is the zero noise. The clipper definitely is for you if your dog is suffering from anxiety and noise sensitivity symptoms. It also uses the tangle free swivel cord which allows you to work freely without the plugs. 

Key features :-

  • Best rated heavy duty clipper
  • 5-speed mode interchangeable
  • zero noise produce, the most silent clipper
  • wireless clipper – tangle free swivel cord

Best single-speed dog hair clippers 

Wahl Motion Lithium Ion Clipper

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Among most of the Wahl professional clipper, this kit is one of the most popular. This clipper comes in two designs, which are the wired model and the wireless model. Both comes with a rechargeable battery. It can run up to 90 minutes and operates at the full speed until the battery is completely drained which provides an amazing experience to its users. Light indicator for battery level display also makes the it easier to notice if the battery if full.

The most eye-catching part is its slim and lightweight design. Although it is slim and light, it is surprisingly quiet and no vibration. This kit also offers 5-in-1 blade technology with adjustable blade size (#9, #10, #15, #30 and #40). This technology lowers the risk of the blade heating up easily.

Key features :-

  • can be used by both wired or wireless
  • Light indicator for multilevel battery level
  • Slim and lightweight, noiseless without vibration
  • 5-in-1 blade technology
  • Ergonomic design with removable scissor grip handle

Best value dog grooming clipper 

Oster A5 2-speed Proffesional Cippers

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Oster A5 offers 2 speed is changeable between 3000 RPM and 4000 RPM which allows a neater finished look. The price is less expensive than other branded clipper at same time its quality is as competitive as Andis UltraEdge Super 2-Speed Dog Grooming Clipper.

This Oster kit also comes witha detachable blade which allows you to replace it with a superior blade. This kit also comes with accessories such as blade oil, clipper grease, cleaning brush and replacement carbon brush. 

Key features :-

  • Dual speed exchangeable at 3000 RPM and 4000 RPM
  • Detachable blade for ease of cleaning
  • Comes with accessories in set

All in One dog grooming clipper 

Wahl Deluxe U-Clip Grooming Kit

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This Wahl clipper is ideally for fine to medium fur dogs like Shih Tzu, Maltese, Spaniels and Cavaliers. This kit is perfectly fit for beginner because of its affordable price yet powerful motor speed up to 7200 RPM. Its high speed does not make any loud noise which may annoy your dog. 

This clipper kit set also comes with all necessary tools and accessories such as plastic attachment guide combs, stainless steel scissors, comb, apron, cleaning brush, blade oil, blade guard and even instructional DVD.

Key features :-

  • 7200 RPM powerful motor speed with less noise produce
  • All tools and accessories included
  • Low budget for beginner

Clipper Dos and Don’ts – Tips for using clipper

Nowadays, clipper technology is so advanced, where it allows faster and safer trim. But you still have to take note about the “Dos and Don’ts” when using a clipper.

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The Dos

  1. DO examine the skin condition of your dog. Be aware of any lumps, sores and cuts to avoid these sensitive areas before trimming. Any of these sensitive areas may trigger your dog and cause discomfort.
  2. DO Properly prepare the coat by bathing, brushing, drying and removing any matts before clipping. This could lower the risk of your pets getting hurt and damaging your clipper.
  3. DO use the right tools to avoid your furry best friend getting hurt. A proper professional clipper always recommended to be used for pet grooming.
  4. DO trim with slow and gentle speed because trimming too fast might cause them discomfort.
  5. DO trim in the right direction. Right direction means following the growth direction of the fur.
  6. DO research and understand well about your dog’s coat type. This may help you to choose the correct clipper.

The Don’ts

  1. DON’T clip into a fold skin, always pull the skin tight, creating a flat surface for smooth strokes so that your dog will not get hurt.
  2. DON’T pull the fur when you are trimming your dog. This may cause discomfort and make the grooming process harder.

Common question about dog clippers

Here are some answers to some of your questions about clippers. I hope that this may clear your doubts. 

Can I use human clippers as dog clippers?

It is definitely a NO! Human clippers and pet clippers have different profile in terms of engineering technicalities. Pet clippers are designed to be thicker and heavier because most pets have thicker coarse fur. Compared to human clippers, dog clippers are more quiet because our best furry friends are sensitive to sounds.

How often should the dog trimmer and clipper been cleaned?

In general, you clean it after every use to clear off all the hair and debris. Once a week, you should clean the air vent to prevent clogging which may cause the clipper to easily heat up. Blade should also be greased and oiled every month to maintain the blade’s strength and sharpness.

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How often should I groom my dog?

It depends on the breed of your dog. If your dog is a long haired breed, you may need to groom at least once a month to maintain its short fur. Apart from grooming, combing is also needed every day.

Conclusion – Wrap Up Sessions

Well, you can see that choosing a dog clipper is not as easy as just picking from the model, price or shape. Speed settings, weight of clipper, size of clipper, cord or cordless, blades, and quietness are the key to the best clipper as well. Apart from the clipper features, Andis, Wahl and Oster are ahead of the clipper brand in terms of quality of professional grooming clipper.

Accessories such as scissors, blade coolant, styptic coolant, grooming restraints and combs also help much in grooming. Be sure that you have the correct tools. Investing in a set of dog grooming clippers really is a great idea as it benefits you and your pet.

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