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Best Dog Conditioners


Bathing your dog can both be a tiring and rewarding experience. Dogs, as playful as they are, have an affinity of getting down and dirty. While it’s true that it adds to their playful charm, cleaning the aftermath isn’t any dog owner’s favorite part. 

Let’s face it, dogs look way better when their coat is well-lathered and rinsed, especially when using the best leave in conditioner for dogs. 

To help out our fellow dog owners, we have listed the best dog conditioners in the industry. Check them  below to see which brand will work best for your pet.

Considerations When Buying Best Dog Conditioner

You can’t just pick a dog conditioner from a company who says that they have the best product in the business because that would mean you’d be buying the whole shelf. 

Take the time to read and research before making an investment. Here’s what you need to consider:

  • Scent

Naturally, you’d think of choosing the scent which would you think smells good. However, you need to think about your dog’s nose as they have sensitive nose. It’s always good to take note of your pup’s reaction to different smells, so you’ll know which sent suits your dog.

  • Quality 

The quality of the product is important, you want it to be safe and effective. That’s why, when you can, go for USA made dog conditioners as they have naturally higher quality due to the country’s quality and control standards. However, you can also go for products made in Canada and Western part of Europe.

  • Shampoo and Conditioner

You have to know whether you’re going to go for standalone conditioner for your pup OR if you want a 2-1 shampoo and conditioner combination. This will all depend on your dog’s breed.

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For instance, if your dog is low-maintenance, then getting a shampoo and conditioner product will be more favorable to you. 

For long-haired breeds, it’s always important to have a separate shampoo and conditioner for your furry companion as more time is needed for bathing.

Best Dog Conditioner Reviews

After days of research, our team and I have finally ended up with the top 7 conditioners in the global market. We have thoroughly reviewed each one of the products, so you can check them out. 

Warren London Leave-in Conditioner for Dogs Skin and Coat

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If you’re the type of dog owner who would naturally go with boutique-style items, then this product right here is for you. This is a combination of guava, Garcinia mangostana, and finally, butter, making it our best leave-in conditioner in the list. 

This leave-in conditioner has the versatility down in its pocket.  The hydrating butter ingredient can be used to combat dryness of your dog’s the skin Suitable for all dog breeds and fur types. So if you own a variety of breeds at home, then you won’t have to purchase another product, which is great as it saves you money. 

Skin that has been damaged can be restored through regular application. It delivers vital nutrients to your dog’s skin, and it’s also non-oily. 

It is aromatherapeutic. It’s light on the nose, so you don’t have to worry about you or your dog catching allergies.

Key Features:

  • Promotes silkier and smoother coat
  • Untangles knots
  • Irresistible aroma 


  • Pricey for an 8 FL. oz bottle especially when used on larger dog breeds

Paws and Pals Natural Oatmeal Dog-Shampoo and Conditioner

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Paws and Pals did a great job with their shampoo and conditioner, it cleans your dog thoroughly while conditioning and moisturizing your dog’s skin. 

In the market, this is considered as one of the go-to products. Dog owners and pet groomers alike are automatically picking this one up on the shelves because of its proven track record by other users.

This particular shampoo has vegan and organic qualities, making it an effective skin treatment for your dogs. I also like how this delivers a balanced proportion of essential oils, giving the right amount of calming and soothing effect while still smelling amazing.

Your dog’s itchy skin will also benefit from our oatmeal-based product which will never fail to moisturize your pup’s skin. In this way, it also heals your dog’s skin from flakiness.

Another thing, this is a tear-free shampoo and conditioner. The makers were smart in making sure the ingredients are natural and non-irritating chemicals, so you don’t have to worry about inflammation.

Key Features:

  • The coat is soft and shiny 
  • Light on the nose fragrance 
  • Relieves itchiness 
  • Made in the USA


  • Doesn’t rinse well

Earthbath Oatmeal and Aloe Conditioner

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Earthbath Oatmeal and Aloe Conditioner is one of the more notable products in the market for a good reason. It has the ability to detangle your pup’s fur. 

Another thing to note about Earthbath is the company’s advocacy as a whole, which is their contribution to the environment. Their product is totally non-hazardous to use. It’s also a biodegradable shampoo and conditioner, making outdoor bath time with your pup possible. 

Earthbath has proven its quality time and time again, and it’s because it’s manufactured in the United States of America. Their standards on quality are higher than products produced in other countries.

In addition, this is different from other conditioners in the market. It will not get rid of your pooch’s topical flea medication. This can also be a treatment for itchy skin.

Key Features: 

  • Pleasant smell
  • Delivers silkier and softer fur
  • Reduces itchiness on skin


It may be irritating on some dog’s skin

Vet’s Best Moisture Mist and Detangling Dog Coat Conditioner Spray

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This is for dog owners who are looking for leave-in spray conditioner for your pup. This works well when it comes to treating dryness and itchiness, making it suitable for all kinds of dogs.

It is formulated with Vitamin B5 and other skin conditioners, plus other organic ingredients. The mixture of the ingredients adds lustre to coats that are brittle. It also contains sage, aloe, and finally, cucumber.

 As an added bonus, it doesn’t wash off topical flea treatments. This Dog Coat Conditioner can be used on a daily basis. Dogs who have especially dry skin may use this more frequently as it helps in soothing irritation.

Key Features:

  • Moisturizes dog skin
  • Treats itchiness 
  • Soothes irritation 


  • Ineffective against flaking once dried up

Gerrard Larriett Aromatherapy Pet Care Conditioner

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Dogs are just like humans in a lot of ways – so yes, your pup needs protection from the sun as well. Keep your dog’s skin healthy and hydrated with Gerrard Larriett Aromatherapy Pet Care Conditioner.

You’re going to get more than what you’ll pay for because this is a safe, non-toxic sunscreen formula. It has rich vitamins as well as essential oils. It also contains UVA and UVB inhibitors serving as an excellent sunblock for dogs.

The ingredients are all natural and biodegradable making it a worry-free, cruelty-free sun protector. As an added bonus, it comes with jojoba oil. Quality is guaranteed as it’s made in the United States of America. 

Key Features:

  • Natural ingredients 
  • Pleasant fragrance 
  • Sun Block Conditioner

Wahl’s Dog Coat Shampoo and Conditioner

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For those who are looking for a bang for their buck product that still delivers amazing results, then you’re going to love Wahl Four In One Shampoo and Conditioner.

The product name itself is pretty explanatory, you’re getting 2 for 1, and that alone is already a good deal. I like the fact that its ingredients are all plant-based making it safe product.

It can easily untangle knots on your pup’s hair as well as smoothen it. The soothing effect is also amazing because of the combination of Lavandula and Matricaria chamomilla, which is definitely a smart move by the makers. The smell, unlike other dog conditioners, isn’t overpowering – it’s just right. 

I’d recommend this for dog owners who have short-haired breeds, this would allow you to save a couple of bucks while making your pooch look like a walking million bucks.

Key Features:

  • Sweet-smelling fragrance
  • Affordable price range
  • 2 products for the price of 1 


  • Not ideal for long-haired breeds

Best dog conditioner for dry skin: Burt’s Bees Natural Shampoos

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Here’s another oatmeal conditioner on the list from no other than Burt’s Bees. This company is quite known globally for their lip balms and other personal care products. However, what’s unknown to the rest of the world is that they make amazing pet products as well.

This works great for all breeds of dogs, it’s an action-packed tearless shampoo that can work for both puppies and dogs alike. It doesn’t have any harsh chemicals. That’s why it is recommended by veterinarians, making it one of the best in the market.

The makers added colloidal oat powder to make your fur babies not only look good but also make them feel good. It moisturizes your dog’s skin too.

Burt’s Bees also added their own special honey into the mix, which helps in making your pooch’s coat shinier. You’ll like how it’s a pH-balanced product, making it suitable for your pooch’s skin. As an added bonus, this is a completely cruelty-free dog hair conditioner.

Key Features:

  • Moisturizes dog’s skin 
  • Cruelty-free product 
  • Shines pooch’s coat


  • No identifiable fragrance

Frequently Asked Questions

As dog owners, it’s only natural to have hundreds of questions running in your mind when you’re looking for the best dog conditioner in the business. Here are some of the commonly asked questions in hopes of helping you out in your search.

Can I use human conditioner on my dog?

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Why should you invest money for a new dog conditioner when you can always use your trusted conditioner brand, right? 

Well, no. While it’s true it won’t do any harm on you furry best-friend, it won’t exactly do well for your dog either.

As you can see, the conditioner you have in your bathroom has its pH designed for humans, and clearly not for pets. Application of human conditioner on your pooch’s skin may lead to irritation as it removes oils from your dog’s skin and dries out their coat.

Do dogs need conditioner?

You might think that shampoos are a primary need for dogs and that conditioners are just insignificant in the grooming process. While it’s true that using a dog shampoo removes grime and cleanses skin, it doesn’t mean you won’t have any follow-up rituals after shampooing. 

You have to seal the deal as your dog’s hair shaft will be open after shampooing. The shampoo residue will penetrate the skin leaving it dry and itchy. A conditioner ensures your pup’s hair cuticle is closed and it restores both hydration and elasticity.

The use of conditioners also restores damaged dog hair from drying, brushing, and dematting. It basically delivers silkier and healthier effect on your dog’s coat.

What are the precautions?

As much as possible, when you’re applying conditioner on your dog’s hair, make sure to keep the formula away from their eyes, ears, and nose.

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Upon application, it’s always best to start behind your dog’s ears, going to the neck and tail, and down your pup’s legs. The same way goes for rinsing.

Chemical-based conditioners, especially products that have alcohol in it, may be harsh on your pup’s skin. Try to avoid getting any alcohol-base conditioners to prevent skin irritation.

If your dog has allergic reactions to certain ingredients, make sure to read the labels before purchasing. It’s also important to go for tearless conditioners to make a pleasant bathing experience for the dogs.

And lastly, do not purchase heavily scented conditioners. It could cause your dog to have allergies. Always keep in mind that your dog’s sense of smell is greater than ours. Thus, they’re more sensitive.

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