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Best Dog Boots for Hiking


A healthy dog is a dog that has a lot of energy to explore the world. That’s why some owners bring their dogs with them on hikes and other outdoor activities. These activities not only help their overall health, but also keep them happy and entertained.

Dogs are designed to be outdoor animals with hunting instincts. Before they were domesticated by humans, they roam the earth free and hunt for themselves. And those instincts – albeit waned slightly – never really went away. That’s why we still have dogs who are hyperactive and still try to catch squirrels around in the parks.

If you do bring your dog on your outdoor hikes and adventures, then you must definitely consider buying them Dog Hiking Boots. But do dogs need boots for hiking? It actually depends on a lot of factors. But if you are considering buying a pair of dog boots for your pet pooch, then here are the things that you should look out for when browsing on the market:

Factors to Consider when Purchasing Dog Shoes for Hiking

Weather or Outdoor Conditions

When picking out the best dog shoes for hiking, you should always consider what type of environment they will be exposed to. If you’re planning on a fun, extremely active hike with your pup, they would need sturdier (and might be more expensive) dog boots to withstand the environment they will go through.

There are special dog boots in the market that are made to withstand various temperatures and climates. Dog boots for desert are an example, as well as completely waterproof dog boots. There are also dog boots that your pet can use to protect their feet from the hot pavement, especially in the summer season or places with warm climates. The best dog boots for snow and for the winter season are those with thick and padded interiors to keep their paws from freezing in the cold weather.

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Durability and Construction

To provide comfort and stability while on a rough trail, brands that sell dog boots for hiking can be crafted from a lot of different materials. Most breathable dog boots are made with mesh and lightweight material like nylon, which are particularly useful for locations with hot weather for air ventilation. Mesh and nylon are also durable and will conform to the shape of your dog’s paws, to keep them comfortable during a hike. These are few features that the best dog hiking boots must have no matter what type of condition they will be used on.

Rubber dog boots are also a common product in the market. Dog boot companies mostly use them for the soles of the boots, giving them traction and grip so your dog won’t slip even while running on wet or muddy ground. Some even used recycled tires for the rubber soles for an eco-friendly solution to durable dog boots. Make sure to get dog boots that have these soles if your dog will be running on wet, iced, or muddy roads or trails. But not only that, rubber dog boots are also perfect for the summer season and hot weather in general. They will protect your dog’s feet from the hot pavement, when you’re just out having a leisurely walk in the city. So rubber dog boots are a versatile part of their construction and can be used for any environment.

Some ultra-comfortable dog hiking boots have fleece lining and/or padding, to keep your dog’s paws comfortable and avoid any abrasion while they are in use. These are great as paw boots, if you have hardwood floors that can be hard to walk on for senior dogs or dogs with bone and joint conditions. For rough trails and hikes with jagged rocks and uneven terrain, make sure to get a pair of dog boots with comfortable linings and padded interior.

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Dog Size and Age

There are various dog sizes and consequently, so do dog accessories. Be sure to check the website of the company of your chosen dog boots to see their size charts. There are plenty of brands that offer doggie boots for small dogs to XXL dog boots for larger dogs. There are also guides on how to measure a dog’s paws for boots so you can be sure of the size of the boots you are purchasing. Their front feet have a different size from their rear paws, so you need extra measures when checking sizes.

How old should puppies be to hike, and should senior dogs be allowed to hike at all? A few months old is recommended for pups, and while senior dogs can still hike, consider their health condition first and foremost.

It is also important for your dog to get used to their new dog boots first before bringing them out to hike on harder terrains. Get the dog shoes “broken in” by having your dog wear them indoors for a few minutes while you monitor their reaction to the boots. Observe your dog closely and inspect the comfort and your dog’s condition if you’re trying out new dog boots.

Ease of Use and Convenience

Putting on dog shoes – especially for dogs new to the idea – on your dog will have its difficulties. For beginners, just keeping your dog still will be a challenge. That’s why the best dog hiking boots are designed to be easy to put on and will promise that they stay on no matter how rowdy your dog will get.

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There are dog boots that have the split-seam design, like humans’ sneakers or running shoes. This will provide you with enough room to slip on the shoes onto your dog’s paws for minimum discomfort. These are usually closed with Velcro straps to keep it tight and prevent it being shaken or slipping off.

Some dog boots are slip-on, and although they can be difficult to put on your dog’s paws, they are also dog boots that stay on securely. They are like socks with reinforced soles to protect your dog’s paws from the elements. They are also the best dog boots for winter, since most are designed with thick fabric that extend a bit past their paws and keep them warm through the cold weather.

There are even dog boots with strips of light reflectors on them if you ever find you and your dog walking on the roads during nighttime. These are small but useful additions to dog boots that you may want to consider.

So now that we’ve established the factors you need to consider when buying dog boots, here are our recommendations and reviews for the best dog hiking boots in the market:

Top 5 List of Hiking Boots for Your Dog

Best Dog Hiking Boots for Cold Weather and Temperature – Petacc Waterproof Dog Boots

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For the best dog boots for snow and cold climates, the Petacc Waterproof Dog Boots will get the job done. They are specially-designed to withstand cold climates and wet terrain with its waterproof construction. It even has adorably designed rubber soles for traction on wet roads and ground.

It also features a wide, split-seam opening to make it easy to put on your dog’s paws, padded interiors to keep them comfortable, and they are even hand washable. The Velcro straps are adjustable to keep it secure around your dog’s paws and a fleece interior lining to keep the warmth inside when it’s exposed in cold climates.


  • Waterproof soles for walking along snow covered ground
  • Adjustable Velcro straps for easy closure and security
  • Rubber soles for traction on wet roads
  • Padded interior with fleece lining to keep paws warm
  • Wide split-seam opening for easy paw insertion
  • Hand washable
  • With adjustable Velcro straps


  • Waterproof bottom, but only water-resistant top not suitable for wet terrain
  • Split seam can accidentally fly off their paws if not tightened properly

Best Dog Hiking Boots for Uneven Terrain – RUFFWEAR Grip Trex Spring Boots

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The RUFFWEAR Grip Trex Spring Boots is a fantastic product that has the best traction for use on uneven terrain. They have thick, rugged-lug designed soles for ultimate traction on rocky road, cemented pavement, and even grassy ground. They are even designed with breathable, tightly-woven mesh to keep your dog’s paws comfortable even in the summer.

It also has a hook and loop Velcro closure for adjustability. The RUFFWEAR Grip Trex Spring Boots are perfect for hiking through forests or mountains, where a lot of debris can harm your dog. Its thick, rubber soles will protect them from cuts and bruises as their paws may be in danger of in such environments.


  • Rugged-lined soles for ultimate traction
  • Thick rubber soles for protection from rocks and debris
  • Breathable mesh for hot pavement or weather
  • Hook and loop cinch with Velcro closure for security
  • Split-seam opening for easy paw insertion
  • Hand washable and easy to dry
  • Offers various sizes for different dogs


  • May need to be broken in to avoid hurting your dog’s paws
  • Can quite loosen if not tightened properly

Best Dog Hiking Boots for Wet Terrain – Maxgoods Dog Boots

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For the perfect hiking boots for wet terrain, Maxgoods waterproof dog shoes are the best in the market. It promises anti-slip and waterproof properties that are suitable for hikes near bodies of water, as well as a safe way for your dogs to run on wet pavement or grassy grounds. With the Maxgoods waterproof dog shoes on, your pooch can run around in shallow rivers or creeks without fear of slipping or getting them hurt with sticks or debris.

They are also great for parks with grassy grounds, since they can be quite slippery. These dog boots also offer reflective Velcro straps to make them easy to see even in the dark. The split-seam opening has a tongue included that makes it easy to slip on your dog’s paws and offers adjustability without risk of slipping off. 


  • Waterproof materials for wet terrain hiking
  • Anti-slip soles for hiking on wet terrains
  • Protects your dog’s paws from small debris and rocks
  • Also great for grassy grounds
  • Reflective Velcro straps for easy closure and visibility in the dark
  • Split-seam opening with tongue for quick-wear
  • Available in various sizes
  • Anti-collision toe caps for additional protection


  • Needs to be broken in to make it more comfortable in the long run
  • Size can vary and may need trials to find the right fit

Best Dog Boots for Easy to Medium Hikes – QUMY Waterproof Dog Boots

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The QUMY Waterproof Dog Boots have thinner rubber soles and leather toe caps, but still are one of the best dog boots that you can use for easy to medium hikes. They are durable and breathable, perfect for summer and winter leisure walks with your dogs. They are completely waterproof so your dog can still run around during cold weather without fear of their paws freezing. There is also a bit of fabric extension on its top, for reinforced fabric during cold climates.

Its rubber soles do the job protecting from tiny debris, thorns, and hot pavement that they can encounter during easy to medium walks. Its Velcro straps are also equipped with reflective fabric so they can be seen during the nighttime. The QUMY dog boots are also durable enough for senior dogs and dogs with bone and joint problems. They are great for traction on smooth, wooden floors and flat roads. 


  • Rubber soles and toe caps for easy to medium hikes
  • Breathable and waterproof materials
  • Great for leisure walks during summer and winter seasons
  • Extended top for added protection from cold
  • Reflective fabric for security measures during night walks
  • Great for senior dogs and dogs with bone/joint problems
  • Available in various sizes


  • Rubber soles and leather caps are not for extreme hikes
  • Pairs have one size, so you might have to get another pair to fit rear paws

Best Overall Dog Hiking Boots – Ultra Paws Rugged Dog Boots

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For the best outdoor hiking booties for your dog, then the Ultra Paws Rugged Dog Boots are the perfect choice. If you love trekking on rough terrain with your four-legged friend, these have all the features that your dog will truly appreciate. No matter the weather, these dog boots can withstand the harsh environment. It has thick rubbers soles for both rough ground and hot pavement, rugged enough for strong traction, and tough, water-resistant nylon for hiking wet terrains.

They are also flexible enough that your dog can run around without any difficulty on uneven land. The Ultra Paws Rugged Dog Boots are designed for four-legged hunters and very active dogs. They even have soft interiors to support their paws and get enough hold on the ground for easier runs. The dual Velcro straps help keep the Ultra Paws dog boots on your dog, with space enough for adjustments.

For concrete, snow, desert, and even rocky terrain, the Ultra Paws Rugged Dog Boots are totally worth the buy!


  • Great for medium to difficult hikes
  • Thick rubber soles and nylon construction for rough terrain
  • Can be used no matter the weather or season
  • Strong traction and water-resistant
  • Flexible and gives dogs support while running
  • Dual Velcro straps for additional security
  • Great for all seasons and activities
  • Available in a variety of sizes


  • May need trials to get the perfect size for your dog
  • Will need to be broken in for a more comfortable walk
  • May need to clip their toe nails for a more comfortable wear

Now that we’ve given you our list of the best dog boots for hiking, why not see our list of backpack and carriers for hiking with your dog as well to complete your gear on your next hike?

Although dogs can do fine without any leash when you’re on your hike or walk through the wilderness, it’s still important to remember at least bringing a harness for hiking for safety measures. Dogs can be unpredictable sometimes – especially hiking first-timers – so to keep you and your pet safe during hiking, make sure to bring all you might need for a worry-free adventure with your beloved pooch!

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