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Best Dog Anti Chew Spray


Chewing and gnawing are normal habits that dogs have. Some, like puppies, need to chew to relieve teething pains. Other dogs chew because of separation anxiety or for entertainment. It’s a healthy way to keep their teeth clean and just keep them generally happy. But it is never fun to see our furry friends nibbling just about anything they see in our home.

Furniture, shoes, curtains, rugs, and many more have been victims to a dog’s aggressive chewing habits. Maybe they’re just bored and want to have fun, but it still is incredibly frustrating for owners to have bits of foam or fabric littered around the living room. And that’s where anti-chew dog sprays come in handy.

Why choose anti-chew dog spray?

It keeps them away from furniture and other important stuff. Anti-chew dog sprays are the best tools to use when you don’t have time to train your dog not snack on your furniture. They are great training tools for puppies, especially because their teething might lead them to chew on things they’re not meant to.

Keep them safe from hazardous materials. Equipment like cables, plastic, cleaning products, and dangerous materials must be kept away from dogs. But no-chew dog sprays are a great precautionary measure if ever your dog might get a hold on these products.

Anti-chew dog sprays are safe to ingest. One of the main features that anti-chew dog sprays have is their edible properties. They are often made with natural flavoring mixed with edible chemicals that make it extremely bitter to your dog. Your pet will be disgusted with its awful taste – which might make them gag a bit – but only as a reaction and nothing worrisome.

When and how to introduce anti-chew dog spray to your pet

For puppies, it’s better to introduce this as early as possible or before they start teething. This is a great start to train them not to bite on your furniture as they grow older.

Tips: Spray according to the instructions provided on the product’s label. Some require re-application once a week, so be sure to know how to use the spray. Also, watch out for the reaction of your puppy if they try to chew on the sprayed-on furniture. If they don’t like it, then it’s a success!

Older dogs, on the other hand, must be introduced to anti-chew sprays slowly. Also, be reminded that some dogs might like the taste of the spray you are using, making them useless, so you should try out a few flavors to find out which one they don’t like.

How to introduce anti-chew dog spray to adult dogs:

  • Put a few drops of the spray onto a small cloth or tissue paper.
  • Hold it out to your dog and let them sniff or taste it
  • If they recoil from the taste, then you’ve got the right spray! If not, then you can try other anti-chew sprays with different flavors.


  1. Don’t use the spray on your dog! They are not for punishment. Anti-chew dog sprays might also have ingredients that are irritating to the eyes.
  2. Don’t use them where your dog can see you. They should be able to learn on their own that they shouldn’t chew on the furniture even without you influencing them.
  3. Don’t use the spray directly into your dog’s mouth. It won’t help you in any way at all.
  4. Don’t use the spray on yourself. It might have harmful skin irritants, furthermore, you don’t want your dogs to associate yourself with anything unpleasant. You should always be seen as a loving owner to your dog.

Homemade Dog Chew Deterrent Spray

Although there are ready-to-use anti-chew sprays in the market, there’s absolutely no harm in trying out a homemade one for your dog.

The main point to an anti-chew spray is its very bitter flavor. Although not everything in your kitchen pantry are bitter, there are a lot of ingredients available there that can be mixed to produce a very unpleasant taste for dogs.

Here’s the easiest anti-chew spray recipe you can make at home:

  1. Mix 2 cups of vinegar to 2 cup of lemon juice or apple cider and shake well.
  2. Put inside a spray bottle and apply to furniture, table, legs, cables, and other equipment that your dog might chew on.

Spices like chili peppers are also ingredients that you can add to your homemade spray. Cayenne and other types of chilis have a strong, pungent scent that may irritate your dog’s nose enough for them to turn away from it.

If you don’t have a spray bottle at home, then you can buy one from the market. However, if you use repurposed bottles, make sure that it wasn’t holding anything toxic before using it for your anti-chew dog spray.

The only downside to making homemade anti-chew deterrents is its smell. Vinegar and apple cider both have a pungent smell that you and your family may not like.

Other ways to keep your home safe from chewers

Puppy- or Dog-Proof Your Home

This takes a lot of effort and may need bits of changes in your lifestyle. You’d have to put shoes in closets with doors or keep cables organized and placed where they can’t be seen. You’d need to constantly remind yourself to put things back where you got them to keep it away from your pup. 

Choose chew-proof dog beds

If your dog chews on their dog bed, then you could replace them with a more durable one. Chew-proof dog beds are available in the market, varying in sizes, shapes, and even fabric type so you have a selection that your dog will be comfortable in. Dog beds with ripstop nylon, vinyl, or denim as a cover are durable dog beds that can withstand chewing and scratching.

Keep them out of certain rooms in the house

If you still have no time to train your dog, or no tools to keep them from chewing down your home, then you can just keep them out of rooms that has objects they can chew on. Or you can put them in a crate if needed.

Give them chew toys as distraction

Toys are a great way to divert their attention from other objects in your home. There are a wide variety of toys that provide a plethora of functions. There are toys that are specifically for aggressive chewing, toys that challenge their minds, and even dental chew toys to help maintain their dental health.

Separation Anxiety

This can be a reason why your dog is exhibiting aggressive chewing behaviors. If you see them get restless while you are getting ready to go out, then they might have separation anxiety. It’s not a curable disease, but they can be lessened through practice and patience. Anti-chew sprays can help deter your dog from destroying your home. But you should consult your veterinarian if you’d like to be advised on how to effectively deal with your dog’s separation anxiety.

Best Anti-Chew Dog Spray

Extremely Bitter Anti-Chew Spray – Pets are Kids Too Anti-Chew Bitter Spray

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Pets Are Kids Too offer an extremely bitter anti-chew spray that promises to work on all dogs. It is so bitter, that they give a warning to owners to wash their hands after use and to never try it for themselves. Not to worry though, because they only use human-grade bittering agents and contain no propylene glycol.

The Anti-Chew Bitter Spray of Pets Are Kids Too’s formula doesn’t have any alcohol, making it last longer than others. This bitter spray is also a great tool for training puppies and older dogs.

Key Features:

  • Extremely bitter flavor than most anti-chew sprays
  • Safe to ingest with their human-grade bittering agents
  • Does not contain alcohol or propylene glycol
  • Suitable for training young pups and older dogs
  • Available in one bottle or a 3-pack


  • Do not try to taste or ingest it yourself, they are extremely bitter
  • Wash your hands after use

Anti-Chew Spray for Teething Puppies – Grannick’s Bitter Apple Taste Deterrent

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Grannick’s Bitter Apple Anti-Chew Spray has been around since the 1960’s. Not only does it keep them away from chewing household objects and furniture, it can also be used to prevent your dog from biting or licking themselves. This feature is especially useful for teething pups, since they’re bound to chew on anything just to relieve their pain – and might even do so on their own legs.

Although it has a little bit of alcohol, the amount is not enough to pose danger to anyone in your home. With that said, you should still only use it for its intended purpose. It has a non-toxic formula that can be used as often as needed.

Key Features:

  • Tried and tested anti-chew spray recommended by veterinarians
  • Great for teething puppies and aggressive chewers
  • Non-toxic formula with human-grade ingredients
  • Prevents dogs from further licking or biting their own legs
  • Available in 8 and 32oz. bottles


  • Has a formula that might stain certain surface types
  • Keep out of reach of children and don’t use on yourself

Best Value for Money Anti-Chew Dog Spray – Bodhi Dog Bitter Lemon Anti-Chew Spray

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Bodhi Dog’s Lemon Anti-Chew Spray has all the benefits of an effective anti-chew spray and more. It has a very bitter lemon flavor that makes it a powerful deterrent for dogs who hate the fruit. Its great for covering your furniture and other household objects that pique their interest. It even has a wonderful citrus scent that provides a pleasant fragrance to your home.

The Anti-Chew Spray of Bodhi Dog also has safe and non-toxic ingredients that makes it beneficial for dogs with hot spots. You can even use it on dogs with allergies or separation anxiety who tend to chew or lick on their skin excessively.

Key Features:

  • Effective deterrent spray for dogs and other pets as well as deterrent for hot spots
  • Bitter lemon flavor with citrus scent for fragrant home
  • Can be applied to furniture and fabrics
  • Also great to discourage dog from licking or chewing on themselves
  • Suitable for training old dogs and puppies
  • Available in 4, 8, and 17oz. bottles 


  • Some dogs may like the lemon flavor and lose its deterrent effect
  • Will need frequent re-application for stubborn pets

Easy to Use Anti-Chew Dog Spray – Emmy’s Best Anti-Chew Spray

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Emmy’s Best Anti-Chew Spray comes in an easy to use spray bottle that makes no mess. It’s especially great for no-stress re-application.

Its formula is also very effective, with alcohol-free ingredients and human-grade bitter deterrents. Emmy’s Best Anti-Chew Spray is great for training your dog not to chew, as well as preventing pups from teething their way through everything. It doesn’t have any overwhelming smell as well, making it a pleasant to use.

Key Features:

  • Easy and no-mess spray bottle
  • Alcohol-free formula for safe use
  • Extremely bitter and effective deterrent spray
  • Great for training dogs and puppies
  • Does not have overwhelming smell


  • Do not use on yourself
  • Will need constant re-application if necessary

Anti-Chew Dog Spray with All-Natural Ingredients – Particular Paws Anti-Chew Dog Spray

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If you’re still worried about other chemicals or alcohol added to other anti-chew spray products, then you can turn to Particular Paws’ Anti-Chew Spray. It has an all-natural formula that contains apple bitter principles and tea tree oil. It is guaranteed to be a safe and effective spray for your home.

Its effective formula not only discourages chewing, licking, or biting, but also prevents your pet from marking inside your home. You can spray these on your furniture, household objects like cables and curtains, or even on your shoes and rugs.

Key Features:

  • All-natural ingredients from natural bitters and tea tree oil
  • Ingredients also offer a lot of health benefits like soothing sore gums
  • Great training aid for puppies and dogs
  • Safe to use on cloth and fabrics


  • Some dogs might like the flavor of this no-chew spray
  • Not advisable to ingest in large amounts or used directly on skin
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