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Best Anti-Barking Device and Deterrents


Barking is a natural behavior that dogs exhibit in a lot of situations. But sometimes, there are dogs who bark a little too much and we often have no idea how to stop them.

In this article, we’ll give you a guide to some really useful devices that can help you curb your dog’s instinct to bark, while also promoting good behavior.

Reasons why dogs bark

There are a lot of reasons why dog’s feel the need to bark -seemingly at nothing sometimes – but once you know these triggers, you and your dog can both work together to overcome these challenges.

Here are a few reasons why your dogs bark:

  • Anxiety or fear: If you have a rescue dog who has had a traumatic experience, it might have developed anxiety and fear that triggers it to bark, especially when encountering something unfamiliar.
  • Attention-seeking: Dogs can be attention seekers sometimes and will bark incessantly if you’re not minding them.
  • Territorial behavior: This tends to be directed to dogs or other animals that are within their reach.
  • Boredom: Especially for dogs who are often inside the house, boredom can be a big reason why they bark so much. Their usual toys might not be enough to entertain them anymore.
  • Enthusiastic greeting: Dogs always greet us energetically whenever they see us coming and they might use their vocal prowess to let us know how happy they are to see us.

Types of anti-barking devices

  • Collars: These are collars with a small box attached to its front. This panel will often emit a small electric shock, vibration, and/or sound and are great barking deterrent devices. There are collars that can be controlled with a remote, and some that are triggered automatically through the vibrations of a dog’s throat.
  • Sprays: Dogs are not that fond of the smell of citronella which makes them effective distractions to keep your dog from barking. They are installed in collars which you can control when they would emit a small spray unto your dog.
  • Whistles: We often see these dog whistles in televisions and the internet and  they do really work! They produce a very high-pitched sound – just like an ultrasonic wave – that only dogs can hear. They are widely used in dog training and behavior correction, so you bet that they will also work as a bark control device.
  • Sound Emitter: Sound emitters make ultrasonic waves that only your dog can hear. However, there are also some handheld products in the market that produce loud sounds in which even humans can hear. These sounds will redirect your dog’s attention from the object they are barking at.

Types of Sound Emitters:

  • Handheld Ultrasonic Device – a small remote control that emits ultrasonic waves with a push of a button.
  • Sound-Emitting Handheld Device – devices that actually produce a loud buzzing sound that humans can hear.
  • Other Remote Devices – There are ultrasonic wave devices that are fitted into deceiving containers like birdhouses and simple rectangular boxes. These are triggered by a dog’s bark through an internal microphone. They can be installed virtually anywhere and are even great to use to stop your neighbor’s dog from barking.

What specific device should you use, and do they work?

There is no sure way of knowing which kind will work on your dog, since dogs also have different personalities like humans and prefer different things. Some of these might work on your dog and some might not. But if you want to increase the probability, then you can consult a professional trainer for tips or recommendations.

Best Anti-Barking Devices (Plus How to Use)

Best Value for Money Anti-Bark Collar – POP VIEW Dog Bark Collar

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Unlike training collars that have shock features, POP VIEW’s dog bark collar has the same concept but without the pain! This collar only adopts automatic sound and vibrating features that progress as long as your dog is barking. You can adjust the sensitivity settings of the collar to make sure that your dog is getting the intensity that is appropriate with his behavior.

POP VIEW’s anti-barking collar is highly adjustable and can fit neck sizes of all dog breeds. The strap of this collar is made of durable nylon, while it has an easy to remove and wear clasp on the back. The device itself is small and compact that won’t bother your dog while they are wearing it.

Key Features:

  • Vibrate and sound-only anti-bark collar
  • Humane and gentle training collar for dogs
  • Progressive vibration until your dog stops barking
  • Intensity can be adjusted to fit your dog’s behavior
  • Easy to adjust nylon strap with a durable clasp
  • Small and compact for your dog’s comfort
  • Powerful anti-barking device


  • Vibration might be sporadic since it relies on the vibration of your dog’s throat to take effect
  • Some dogs might get used to the vibration or sound which lessens its effectiveness

How to Use:

  • Change the intensity of the vibration or sound of the device using the buttons on the side of the panel
  • Use the clasp to secure the collar around your dog’s neck. Adjust if necessary.
  • The vibrations and sounds are automatically triggered through the vibrations that your dog’s throat makes. So you just have to wait and see if this works on your dog.

Easy to Use Ultrasonic Anti-Barking Remote – Modus Ultrasonic Bark Control Device

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This anti-barking remote uses ultrasonic waves to produce a high pitched noise that only dogs can hear. This will distract your dog from the object they’re barking at and stop what they’re doing. It is a handheld device with only one button for triggering the ultrasonic wave. You can easily use this for long range, short range training or even outdoors.

Modus’ Ultrasonic Bark Control Device is safe to use, easy to control, and guaranteed to get your dog’s attention. So if you’re looking for a training device to stop your dog from barking (and maybe even learn some new tricks), then this top-rated anti-barking device is a great choice for you.

Key Features:

  • Includes a small remote control that emits ultrasonic waves
  • Harmless device to get your dog’s attention
  • Compact and fits comfortably in your hand
  • Easy to use trigger button with light indicator
  • Great for indoor or outdoor use
  • Suitable for anti-barking use and additional training


  • Will not work on dogs with hearing impairments
  • Might not work on all dog breeds
  • Not appropriate for dogs less than 6 months old
  • Not intended to protect you from aggressive dogs


  • No wrist strap to keep it secure in your hand
  • Some dogs might get used to the sound and lessen its effectiveness

How to Use:

  • Very easy to use. Just make sure that the device is safe in your hands and is recharged then, you’re ready to go!
  • Point it at your dog if they stop barking so they know where the sound comes from and redirect their attention to you.
  • Give a command if you use the device and give your dog plenty of praises – even a treat or two – once you get their attention.

Anti-Barking Spray Collar for Gentle Training – PetSafe Citronella Spray Collar

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This anti-barking collar from PetSafe not only has vibration and sound features but also has a cartridge that sprays citronella on your dog. Most dogs don’t like the smell of citronella so they will be distracted if they trigger this feature.

The cartridge that contains the citronella spray also has a sound and vibrating warning, so if these don’t work, the spray is activated. The collar can be controlled up to 300 yards, so you can let go of your dog in your backyard and still keep them under control even while lounging around on your porch. This collar can also be used for training your dog in addition to correcting their behavior.

Key Features:

  • Anti-barking collar with citronella spray feature
  • Also has vibrating and sound features
  • Can be controlled up to 300 yards with the included remote
  • USB rechargeable batteries and replaceable citronella cartridge
  • Adjustable collar fits small to large dogs
  • Has LED light indicator


  • Citronella is not refillable so might not be for owners who prefer eco-friendly collars
  • Some dogs might like the citronella smell or just won’t care at all

How to Use:

  • The collar is remote controlled, so you just have to put the collar on your dog and adjust if needed.
  • Using the remote you can control which feature you’d like to use and its intensity.
  • Watch and observe how your dog will react to the collar.

Anti-Barking and Training Whistle – Ortz Dog Whistle with Lanyard Strap

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A dog whistle is one of the easiest and most effective training tool any dog owner or trainer can use. It is easily accessible and very simple. It doesn’t outwardly make a sound that humans can hear since it produces a very high-frequency sound that only certain animals can recognize. A dog is one of them.

This nifty dog whistle from Ortz has a lanyard strap that you can wear and use anytime. You can use the whistle in a lot of situations like training, bark control, or even behavior correction. Also, it’s lightweight and small size makes it a convenient tool to bring for indoor and outdoor training.

Key Features:

  • Small and lightweight dog whistle
  • Produces high-frequency sound that will get a dog’s attention
  • Can be used indoors or outdoors
  • Has lanyard for portability and convenience
  • Can be used for training, barking control, and behavior correction
  • Has adjustable pitch


  • Might not work on some dogs
  • The extremely slim form may be hard to handle for some humans

How to Use:

  • Before trying it outdoors, check what pitch is suitable for your dog first. Try the default pitch if it gets your dog’s attention, if not, try another pitch.
  • Once you’ve got your pitch set, you can now use it on your dog. Every time they bark or growl, use the whistle to get their attention. Give them a command as well. Praise them when they turn their attention back to you.
  • You need to use it as long as it takes for the command to stick with your dog without the whistle.

Noise-Centered Device for Distraction – Doggie Don’t Handheld Anti-Barking Device

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If a high-pitched sound doesn’t work on your dog, why not try a loud and startling one? The Doggie Don’t Handheld Anti-Barking device is a small and compact noisemaker that makes a loud sound when triggered. This noise will definitely get your dog’s attention and stop them from barking. 

The Doggie Don’t Handheld Anti-Barking Device has replaceable batteries. Its compact form and wrist strap makes it convenient and easy to carry. These features create a great tool to use even while doing outdoor activities. With this nifty device with you, you’ll definitely have a superb time with your dog minus all the barking!

Key Features:

  • Noise making device that will catch the attention of your dog
  • Compact size that will fit comfortably in your hand
  • Has a wrist strap included for convenience
  • Great tool for correcting behavior
  • Can be used for training indoors or outdoors
  • A humane alternative to shock collars


  • If used too long, your dog might become accustomed to it
  • Might need a little getting used to with the loud buzzing noise it emits

How to Use:

  • It can be used practically as how you’d use an ultrasonic wave device.
  • If your dog starts barking incessantly, get close enough to your dog so they can hear the noise clearly.
  • Give treats and praise once they stop barking and puts all their attention to you.

Anti-Barking Device to Cover Large Areas – PET CAREE Anti-Barking Device (Birdhouse)

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For an ultrasonic device that can cover a whole lot of space, this birdhouse from PET CAREE is a perfect choice. It has a deceiving design that mimics a man-made birdhouse. The ultrasonic feature can cover up to 50 feet, so you’ll have your whole porch covered. It is triggered through an internal microphone that picks up barking sounds.

PET CAREE’s anti-bark dog house is durable and weatherproof, so leaving it outside is totally fine. Its range also means that it can easily control two or more dogs at the same time. This will prevent dogs from further kicking up a storm when one of them starts to bark. It’s also a harmless way to control your neighbor’s noisy pup if you need a good night’s rest!

Key Features:

  • Weatherproof and durable birdhouse-shaped anti-barking device
  • Can be used indoors or outdoors and has a 50-foot reach
  • Can also be used on your neighbor’s pets
  • Has adjustable settings
  • Has a hanging rope included to be mounted to trees, fence, or walls
  • Long range bark control


  • Some dogs might be immune to the sound it emits
  • Will not work on dogs with hearing impairments

How to Use:

  • The batteries are placed in the panel under the birdhouse.
  • You can use the rope included to hang it on a tree or hook, or you can just place it on the ground that faces the area you want to be covered.
  • It will automatically work once the internal mic picks up any barking.
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